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American Political System: Political Compromise (Essay Sample)


Final essay for US history.


Political Compromise
Political Compromise
Political compromise is the act of the politicians to ease their stand on the principle and to listen to the opponents so as to impact an essential change. In America historical politics to the present, there have been two dominant political divides which are equally powerful throughout the states; Republican and the Democrats. Between 1776 and 1865, America was divided into two; northern and southern America. The northerners for long held a strong view that free labor was better productive than slave labor and thus proposed the abolition of the slavery in America. On the other hand, the Southerners held that the economy and their plantations depended on slave labor and as a result proposed for expansion of slave trade. Even the cold war that ended in the 1860s was as a result of the two warring regions that held different political ideologies. However, the union of America into one later in the 1860s was the product of political compromises that occurred between the two regions. Thus, the political system of America has been dependent on the ability to compromise as evidenced by the two major events of the Missouri and 1850 Compromises.

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