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The Expectations of What an Independent Country Would Be Like (Essay Sample)


- at least 1 from King Leopold's Ghost; at least 2 from selections on nationalism; and at least 1 from The No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization. Also make reference to lecture concepts. DO NOT use internet sources.
- Do not use internet sources!

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Decolonization in Africa and Asia I disagree with the statement that decolonization had little change in global politics and that the western empires ruled before and still rule today. Decolonization brought about a great wave of change, which inspired leaders to fight for freedom to liberate their countries. The urge to do this was spurred by the great suffering experienced under the colonial rule. Leaders who sought independence for their countries had this new realization of self-rule and were ready to acquire it under whatever circumstances. Thus, global politics gained a new face of concerted efforts and collaboration of all people in fighting a common enemy. In support of the above stand, evidence will be highlighted from King Leopold’s rule, Julius Nyerere and the Vietnamese war under Ho Chi Minh and Mahatma Gandhi of India (Anti-Imperialist nationalism 1). The Expectations of What an Independent Country Would Be Like Several African leaders and some from Asia led their countries into fighting for independent states. These included Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Leopold Senghor of Senegal, Mahatma Gandhi of India and Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam (Anti-Imperialist nationalism 1). . Their quest to acquire independence was driven by what they viewed an independent country to be like. They aspired to have freedom from war, diseases, peace, poverty and colonial rule. Some leaders like Nyerere agitated for freedom and socialism, which sought to inculcate African values of brotherhood and cultural beliefs of supporting one another. He aspired to see a society with equality in distribution of its wealth such that there were no few affluent people while the majority dwelt in poverty. This was to be achieved through increased economic development and the communism approach where everyone was equally important and had rights to be catered for. These included basic rights of food, clothing and a befitting shelter for every citizen (Nyerere).             Leopold in his rule anticipated an independent nation with what he called Africanity and civilization. He sought to inculcate African values in his people through negritude. He looked forward to a society that would be united and fertilised by the Negro culture, which sought to bring about civilization, communal warmth, and cosmic rhythm. Gandhi on the other side also looked forward to a healthy and working nation free from diseases like cholera and smallpox. He visualised economic development, which would distribute wealth to all citizens such that there were no poor or few rich individuals and freedom to all in his country (Leopold 96-98).             Ho Chi Minh desired to have a nation with equality where everyone has a right to live, be happy and enjoy freedom from oppression. This was from the rule of equality, which states that all men are equally created by God and endowed with inseparable rights, which include right to life, freedom, and happiness. This was also encouraged by the French revolution of 1791, which strengthened the observance of human rights and their protection. This gave an insight into what Vietnam expected an independent state to be like and pushed the French commander to surrender after violating such rights for so long and causing pain and suffering to the Vietnamese (Ho Chi Minh 11). The expectations of many leaders were anchored on the quest to obtain freedom and liberty from their colonial oppressors and they were determined to achieve it. The Situation in Other Countries before Independence Before independence, African countries suffered brutality in the hands of the colonial oppressors. Many lost their lives and freedom during this period. Some formed movements for resistance whi...
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