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Columbus: The Lack of Civilization, Native Societies (Essay Sample)


The Essay, approximately 400 to 600 words in length, that you will write in the testing lab is as follows:
Do these excerpts from Columbus' log provide us with any useful information about the native societies of these islands? For example, what? Cite specific evidence. (A copy of the text will be provided for you.)
"Columbus' log" link:
Also take a moment and watch the short video on the Columbus' Log.
Link for video:

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The excerpts from the Columbus' log provide a clear outline of the native societies which he (Columbus) visits. For example, the fifteenth excerpt brings out the natives as largely uncivilized, especially in terms of religion and administrative functions. This notion is based on Columbus' own observations, “It appears to me… and would be good servants… they would [quickly] become Christians [because they seem] to have no religion” (Columbus' Log excerpt 15 line 20). Columbus seems interested in using Christianity as a convincing tool for conquering the native islands. This notion is clearly brought out in the short video on Columbus' Log on YouTube; a priest stands next to Columbus on the left side lifting a miniature cross. Besides the priest is Columbus himself holding a sword touching the ground and the ancient Spanish flag. This indicates conquest of the islands through Christianity.
Additionally, the lack of civilization in the native societies is expounded through Columbus' observation of their lack of special tools other than ordinary sticks. In excerpt 15 and paragraph 14, Columbus describes the basic possessions of the native islanders; he notes, â€&...
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