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Americn History 2 (Essay Sample)

Your essays should demonstrate your familiarity with course readings, introductory remarks, and other materials, and they should reflect your critical thinking about the questions. Be sure to provide specific examples to support your points. Each essay should be around 750 words. Cite page numbers from the textbook (Foner 603) as well as any other sources that you use. Textbook is Give Me Liberty An American History Volume 2 by Eric Foner. Using only that source, answer : Civil Rights Movement: What factors led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965? Analyze the process of this dramatic legal and social change: what role did each of the following play in bringing an end to de jure (by law) discrimination and segregation? source..
American History
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May 8, 2013 :
American History
The Americans activist had earlier fought so hard for the rights of individuals so as to restore the equality of all races regardless of the origin. Many individuals used variety of forums as well as joining to form movements that will enable their voices to be heard. The movements used different avenues that were available that could assist their voices to heard of clearly. Some of the major factor that led to act is the remarkable efforts of the support got from the earlier civil rights act. The civil rights act of 1875 had played substantial role in trying to bring about the equality of all races. The act acted as foundation for the most of the other efforts that were later instituted to assist in the struggle. The act had tried to address the issue at first thought it was not fully strengthened to enable it succeed in the quest for the equal rights that will lead to no racial discrimination and segregation. The second factor which can be derived from the first is the series of protest organized by various activists that called for the end to racial discrimination and segregation. The protest fueled the quest attracting attention from different personalities who came to be vital importance to the struggle efforts. Some of the protests brought much attention like the Birmingham protest which prompted people to the need for them to be claims addressed. The protest aroused the nation that it`s now time to try and have a look at the point which is being advocated by the activists. The other factors which were prompted by the second factor are the President speech which later was followed by the introduction of the civil rights bill in order to be legislated and drafted as law. The president had highly pushed for the success of the bill so as to achieve one nation prior to the assassination. Kennedy initiated the bill and worked so hard to make sure that bill was successful. The attempts left a land mark t...
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