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Night Elie Wiesel. Critical analysis essay (Essay Sample)

See attached document. + 1. Read the attach copy of the book \\\"Night\\\" by Elie Wiesel, Read the example from a student of my instructor how he wants us to do a critical analysis essay, read the new york times review abouth the book \\\"Night\\\" Double space, Times New Roman font, 12 text font size, 1.25 all around margin. 2. Read the example Critical Analysis essay from my instructor attached here. 3. This is a critical essay analysis for the book night written by Elie Wiesel. On the essay must say what do you think about the writing?the tone?organization?environment?mode of writing of Wiesel. 4. You don\\\'t need to agree with the authors view you have to take a point and that will be the thesis. 5. First paragraph must introduce the book and the writer Elie Wiesel then take a point by having a thesis at the end of the first paragraph. 6. The succeeding paragraph will be the explanation of your thesis. why your thesis is like that? explain to the reader what can you say about the book night and Elie\\\'s style writing the book what things you notice that reader must know about the book night and the writer? 7. Create a summary that the readers might remember about all the things you discuss on the body of this essay. The summary paragraph will be the last paragraph of the essay. This if for order # 00022810 source..
Wiesel, Elie. Night
Night by Elie Wiesel is a book that explores the despotism and barbarism that characterized the Nazi camps during the Second World War. His is an excellent narrative style and an obvious theme of hollowness and nothingness in human civilization. The book is a masterpiece of factionary story where the writer characterizes the manifest emotions and sensitivity, and vulnerability of a young orthodox Jew who sent his family to the Nazi camps at Auschwitz and Buchenwald in Germany. The book brings out a true picture of the Holocaust, and easily develops great interest for the reader who is keenly interested in horrific description stories of such kind. On is bound to be horror stricken by experiencing such scenes of genocide that are extremely horrendous and the persecution of Jews, the wretchedness and homelessness of a people deprived of all their possessions, and left in great despair. The book is a compelling piece of fiction which depicts how innocent people can become victims of merciless and cruel torture which at times leads to the loss of faith in God. It is a critical and realistic interpretation of how human civilization leads to extermination and annihilation of the good attributes of human beings such as love, passion, pity, intimacy, fraternity, carefulness and peacefulness.
Behold: "Behind me I heard the same man asking: Where is God now? And I heard his voice within me answer him: … Here He is - He is hanging here on this gallows." [61-62] The writer presents a challenging question about suffering and humanity by projecting such dark aspects of human civilization where darkness prevails, and where light and hope is seen under the stress of the worst brutality and cruelty.
The book is a narrative of his personal experience of his younger years and he does it so vividly, in a way that manages to recruit the reader to the ensuing drama, making the reader deeply involved thus arousing their curiosity and suspense. The writer reflects the poignant feelings of profound disapproval of him against mankind and continually, his loss of faith in God, the hopelessness and helplessness of a child who completely loathes the moral degradation of his father. He expresses his feeling of abhorrence thus: "Here there are no fathers, no bothers, no friends," a Kapo tells him. "Everyone lives and dies for himself alone." [105]
The book is a reflection of his feelings of despair and hatred and how the experiences left an indelible mark on his innocent mind. The writers toe is serious and somber, predictably because it is a book about the Nazi concentration camps. He therefore manages to be consistent with that tone, and makes no attempt at lightening the mood by which ever means. I think this was the only way that he could effectively deliver the message, because there was really no happiness in the Nazi camp, and he makes no attempt to make it up jus...
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