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The U.S. Healthcare (Essay Sample)


In one page, address each of the following points:
How has health care in the U.S. changed in the last 50 years?
What are the strengths of the U.S. healthcare system?
What are the weaknesses?
How / can the weaknesses be fixed?
What other countries can we learn from and what can we learn?
If you were president, what would you recommend? (Include how health care would be funded)
If your proposal were passed, how would life in the U.S. change?
Please use and include .org and .edu websites for your research (no .coms!)


The U.S Healthcare
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3rd June 2015.
Healthcare in the United States has changed over the past 50 years mainly through increase of budgetary expenditure on it. The budgetary allocation to the sector has mainly been based on the per capita appropriations. The increased in expenditure has been due to increased population especially among the aging, increased sophistication as opposed to what was there 5o years ago, and generally increased medical insurance and the issues accompanied with it (Conklin, 2002).
The main strength of the U.s Healthcare is its attachment, open and friendly policy towards the private sector. This is b...
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