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Diabeties is a chronic disease (Essay Sample)

· Identify the characteristics of the disease · Discuss signs and symptoms · Describe testing that may be used to diagnose the disease · Discuss treatment options and prognosis source..
Name: Course Name: Instructor’s Name: Date: Diabetes is a chronic disease Diabetes is a polygenic disease indicated by high glucose in the blood. The levels of glucose are abnormally high. The disease leads to persistent thirst and excessive urination. These disorders are caused by the metabolic disorders in the body functioning ( Para 2). Majority of the people ranging to a third of the American population are not aware that they have diabetes. This is according to the statistics availed by the American Diabetes Association (Crocker 4). Diabetes is chronic in that it entails long time usage of drugs. This is because diabetes is recurrent leading to long run suffering. The body is unable to produce enough insulin which regulates the amount of sugar, glucose, starches and other food materials in the blood. Insulin converts starches, sugar and other energy producing foods to provide energy for the body. Diabetes is believed to follow environmental factors and genetics. Environmental factors associated with diabetes are obesity and lack of proper and regular exercises (Neal 10). There are signs and symptoms associated with diabetes. The disease is referred to as the silent killer in the reasoning that once it strikes an individual, it is never cured. Diabetes can only be controlled. Signs of diabetes are not easy to detect ( Para 2). Diabetes includes the type one and two diabetes and gestational diabetes. The type one diabetes occurs in children and young adults. The body does not produce insulin at all. Additionally, the type one diabetes mainly indicates that people inject themselves with insulin on daily basis. Alternatively, type II diabetes on the other hand is caused by metabolic disorder. The body makes inadequate insulin or the body fails to utilize the insulin produced by the body. This is the prevalent type of diabetes in the world. The type II diabetes is fuelled by sedentary lifestyles and...
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