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The Medication Administration Process (Essay Sample)


INSTRUCTION - Scenario: The monthly report on medication errors was reported to all units within ECHO Hospital. Although the rate has decreased, the primary cause of medication errors continues to be staff interruptions while preparing and giving medications. Your nurse manager has asked you and two other staff members to provide suggestions to prevent interruptions while preparing and giving medications. Create a discussion post in response to the following: Using the information provided in the scenario, discuss three or more changes that can be made to prevent medication errors due to interruptions. Outline the steps you would take to implement one of the changes and explain how you will evaluate if the change is effective.

The Medication Preparation and Administration process: Errors occurring due to Staff Interruptions
Staff interruptions remain the primary cause for errors in the process of medication administration to patients in a hospital setting. This paper looks at suggestive mechanisms that can be utilized to prevent and or reduce such occurrences as they pose a major risk factor to the lives of patients involved. The main emphasis herewith being proposed changes for implementation in the work environment of the hospital or other health center. It is obvious that the intensity and probability of error occurrence increase with an increase of physical interruptions. This mostly affects new nurses than the older more experienced ones. However, the process of medication preparation and administration (Biron et al. 75-77).
A major change that would go a long way in achieving reduced errors as hereby stated involves the creation of a ‘No Interruption Zone' (NIZ) or a ‘Patient Safety Zone' within the hospital environment. Also, nu...
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