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Health and Medicine: ACOs (Essay Sample)

Here is th topic and what the instructor want to see in the paper . The health reform law of 2010 authorizes Medicare to contract with accountable care organizations (ACOs) in a Medicare Shared Savings Program. ACOs provide financial incentives to improve the coordination and quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries, while reducing costs. But providers have raised red flags, saying the arrangements are burdensome and too hard to achieve. This briefing addresses questions raised by the law and the subsequent regulation implementing ACOs. http://www(dot)kff(dot)org/ahr051311video.cfm Please adhere to the rubric guidelines and answer the questions: What is an ACO? How will the new program affect the relationships among primary care providers, specialists and hospitals? Will coordination among providers mean concentration of market power and higher prices? What lessons can be learned from existing ACOs about achieving better care, better health, and lower costs? pleas answer the questions as mentioned please make sure that the vocabulary you will write is not that academic. Make sure its easy to understand and not too many terminology. source..
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Accountable Care Organizations
What is an ACO?
Accountable Care Organizations or ACOs, as they are better known, consist of a group of health care professionals including doctors and hospitals, that join hands to serve the interests of the patient group that they serve, namely the Medicare based patients by providing them with coordinated next level care/treatment. The main aim of having everything coordinated helps to make sure that duplication of services and chances of medical errors is minimized alongside being able to serve the critically ill patients in a proper and timely manner. As a result of this process, ACOs end up treating the patient well by providing them with quality health care alongside being able to spend their funds more effectively. Thereby the savings that result in this way for the Medicare program are subsequently shared by the ACOs as it is because of their efforts that such savings were achieved in the first place (Accountable Care Organizations: A New Paradigm for Health Care Delivery? - Kaiser Family Foundation).
How will new program affect the relationships among primary care providers, specialist and hospitals?
The new program that has been designed has made it very easy for people to attain high quality health care at affordable rates. The new program is said to increase coordination across the board as far as medical institutions, doctors and hospitals are concerned. According to the new program, those doctors working in ACOs are to share their test results, findings and reports with all other ACOs who are on board the ACO program of Medicare. The basic logic that underlies ACOs are the bonus payments that are made available to groups when they meet the laid down quality standards along with benchmarks as to costs incurred.
Things works best when one has a personal interest in them, and with the new program every concerned member of the ACO has a chance to share the bonus payments and this would greatly increase the coordination amongst them since all have a shared purpose now and would be working together to achieve it. However, one n...
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