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Uncertainty Reduction Theory. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


ComlOlIntro to Communication Householder
Paper #2: Social Exchange Theory-Relational; Door-in-the-face; or Uncertainty Reduction Theory (pick one)
You should:
1) Briefly review all the major sections of a research article (rationale, methods, results and discussion) on either Social Exchange Theory-Relational: Door-ln-The-Face; or Uncertainty Reduction Theory (pick one). The research piece (Human experimental only) must be taken from a communication journal (or related field) and cited using APA style (in-text and reference page). Use a library database to find the article. Make sure the journal is available first (in full text).
2) Provide a mass media example of this "concept" in action. For example, if the study you pick deals with social exchange theory and employer/employee relations, this section and the following should have nothing to do with employer/employee relations. Provide logical support for how this example is in line with the communication concept. Don't use examples from the research piece. The example should be taken from popular culture (books, films, commercials, billboards, Internet), i.e. you must provide enough detail about the example to make it clear how the example fits the concept you pick. Make sure you address all the context levels clearly, richly and directly. (Cited in APA in-text and References)
3) Provide a specific "Personal" and "interpersonal" (happen to you, for real, with someone you are close with) example of this concept being used. Provide logical support for how this example is in line with the communication concept. Make sure you address all the context levels in that interaction clearly, richly and directly.*
Papers wil I be graded based on:
1. a) Clarity of writing.
2. b) Completeness.
3. c) Quality of examples and support.
4. d) Organization (Intro, thesis, body, clear transitions and conclusion).
5. e) Logic in drawing conclusions.
6. f) Writing quality.
must be double-spaced, typed, and may not exceed 3.5 pages, excluding title page and references (using a 12pt. font, times new roman, linch margins all around) Place your
The paper numbers on the running head. No late papers are accepted. Use APA style for the whole paper. Early papers will be accepted. If you have any questions
name, ku v | pdf DOC or DOCX files accepted. Late papers and improper files will earn a zero,
or come by our office hours,


Uncertainty Reduction Theory
Name of Student;
Date of Submission;
Review of the Uncertainty Reduction Theory
Uncertainty reduction theory (URT) was initially formed to illustrate the outcome of communication between two strangers. Charles Berger and Richard Calabrese (1975) observed that when we encounter uncertainty whenever we interact with strangers because we do not know what to expect. The rationale used in the URT is that people need to have information about the second party to ensure that the second party will be available, thus reducing uncertainty. From this, one can know the second person's behavior; hence, one will be able to predict their action. This theory is essential to consider before any communication that is yet to happen. Additionally, this theory improves the relationship between the two parties. Once one has known the behaviors of the second person, he or she will be able to respond accordingly during communication.

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