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COMM 538 Project 1 Assignment: Transcription (Essay Sample)


COMM 538 Project 1: Transcription (2-3 pages, 12 pt Times New Roman, 1 inch margins)
Follow the instructions on p.32 in the Cameron textbook (also PDF of p.32 on iLearn).
Additionally, make sure your transcription includes:
1. A transcription notation key (all symbols must represent sounds! See examples in Chapter 3 or in the footnotes of the Tannen article).
2. A brief mention of the context (who, where, what they're doing, etc.).
3. Number or letter all your lines, and be sure to refer to the line #s in your answers to the 5 questions in part 3 on p. 32.


Your Name
Com 538
Your Professor's Name
February 4, 2018
Setting: University Activity Center
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Context: Casually talking with friends, “Emma (E) and Jose”. Emma noticed his friend's new shoes. Conversation Shifted to topics about shoes.
Time: 5min:03sec
Emma: I thought you were buying new ones for the tryouts?
Jose: Yeah, I was looking at the Department store yesterday but I don't know what I like. Are your free tomorrow morning [referring to us]
Me: Yeah, why not. We're actually going to the mall tomorrow to pick up some things [referring to my niece].
Emma: (Shrugged) I'm not sure yet since we might have a remedial lesson tomorrow afternoon. I'm actually super stressed out, Miss _______ is actually strict with the requirements.
Jose: Don't worry, haha (chuckle). You know I think it's kinda fine even if it's only the both of us. I just need a second opinion.
Emma: Are you sure? I'll try to make it up to you next time. Anyways, why don't we grab some food from the caf [cafeteria]?
Me: Let's go, I'm super… hungry…
(5min:20sec)… (walking) [indistinct chatter, inaudible] …
Jose: [falling in line]Me: J, Can you grab me a glass water on your way to the table? Thanks (smirk)
Jose: Sure, anything else?
Me: Nope, thanks. We'll try to find a vacant one

Me: (walking, sat in an empty table) I just remembered that we have to buy the t-shirts for the new members [o

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