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The Kid (Essay Sample)

\'The Kid\' Discuss Chaplin\'s employment of satire in terms of how social institution(s) failed to meet the immediate and long term needs of the child (kid). source..
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The Kid.
Edna leaves the charity hospital with a new-born baby and on her way home, she passes near a church where a wedding was taking place. She abandons the baby with a note inside a vehicle and then she went to some quite place to plan suicide. It is ironical and a lot of satire is depicted, that on such a good day when she has given birth and someone else is getting married, that she decides to end her life. The vehicle carrying the baby is stolen and the thieves abandoned the baby near a garbage collection point. Charlie came across the baby and took him. Edna contacted a doctor who recognized the note which had some information about the kid and the doctor reported the case to the authorities who came and took away the kid from Charlie. The Irony is that Charlie stole the kid before they arrived at the Orphanage and took him to a flophouse. This is an example of the failure of the authorities at the Orphanage, which is a social institution, to handle the matter in a more professional way, to the extent that Charlie was able to sneak on them and steal the baby. This is a mockery of the type of leadership at the Orphanage, because their security is compromised.
A poster was informing people of a present for the person who will see the kid. A Manager saw the poster and went and told Edna. The police depict some bit of sarcasm when he is the one who awakes Charlie to see the kid when they were at Edna's home. This is a mockery to the justice system in the police system, because Charlie was left without questioning, by the policeman, even after the policeman who found him trying to abandon the baby in several instances ignored his duty to question Charlie. Sarcasm is depicted by the woman, because even after becoming rich, she started doing charity jobs in the poor neighborhood. It is ironical that, mother met her child but she never recognized her child.
Poverty is portrayed by the welfare workers, which was also a part of Chaplin's lifestyle when he was young. This is a mockery of the Welfare office, because the welfare workers are supposed to lead a comfortable lifestyle for them to take care of the less privileged in the society, but what we see is a group of workers who are str...
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