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UnitedHealth Group (Essay Sample)


• Write a report on an article that was written within the past year that deals with a topic directly affecting the competitiveness of the UnitedHealth Group. The article chosen should have something important to say about an element of organizational effectiveness - it can profile a dramatic social trend, give an industry prediction, address a strategic competency like leadership or HR, highlight a current environmental issue (for instance, the social responsibility component of sustainability), or comment on financial or market failures, etc.

A report on United Health Group award on corporate social responsibility
The article overview
UnitedHealth Group Receives 2014 “Best Corporate Steward” Award from U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Corporate Citizenship Center
The article highlights UnitedHealth group success and recognition in corporate social responsibility. It depicts UnitedHealth’s recognition by U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Corporate Citizenship Center in 2014. The award bearing the name “best corporate steward-large Business award” honored UnitedHealth group for its impact on the community all over the world. UnitedHealth group implemented innovative social responsibility initiatives that incorporate vast aspects like corporate giving, business priorities and cultivating skills and talents (Mattera, 1). This means that UnitedHealth group established crucial initiatives that fostered improved and efficient access to health care and at the same time motivating and improving the well being of the community.
The organization also supported and motivated corporate volunteers as the main pillar of social responsibility. Such corporate volunteerism involved research like “Doing good is for you 2013 health and volunteering study (Minn, 1). More so the organization implemented programs like United Health Foundation’s Diverse Scholars Initiative and increasing the number of health professionals. For this reason, the organization has rewarded more than $11 million as scholarships to students across the country.
In the conclusion section, the article depicts the reaction of the directors and other UnitedHealth Group personnel concerning the reward and recognition by U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Corporate Citizenship Center (Mattera, 1). Among the highlighted people was Jeff Alter, the CEO of UnitedHealth care Commercial Group, who showed appreciation and claimed that the reward was a motivating aspect that would push the organization to make many differences. The article further claims that the CEO collected the award on behalf of the entire organization, which explains why he was featured in the article alongside his comments on the award.
History analysts argue that Corporate social responsibility emerged when generation X joined the workforce in the 19th century. This generation emerged and became a stronger consumer presence in the corporate world, thus their dominance in the corporate world enhance the advancement of corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility bears the definition of a situation where a company believes that it needs to be responsible for its actions socially, environmentally and ethically. For an organization to run a successful corporation, social responsibility must collaborate with the management, the employees, the owners, the customers, the suppliers, and the local community (Mattera, 1).
Corporate social responsibility is a vital aspect that every organization should embrace because it satisfies the stakeholders and the community within. More so, corporate social responsibility improves or builds the image of the company. Others believe that corporate social responsibility distracts the performance of a business to its potential by crippling the economy. Nevertheless, corporate social responsibility stands out as a fundamental principle in any organization and the concerned stakeholders should focus on the intensity of its effects because an effective corporate social responsibility policy in collaboration with effective marketing as well as marketing strategy could help a company grow and attain its profits.
Moreso, the same initiative could benefit the community by granting it vast ben...
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