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Leading organizational change (Essay Sample)

Hi writer, I'm an international student from Saudi Arabia. I worked at ARAMCO oil company in Saudi Arabia for 2 years. in this paper the instructor asked us to write a paper about currently working place or in the past. I don't work now but I'm full time student. So, I decided to write about where I was working which is Saudi oil Company "ARAMCO". Could you please write me a paper based on organizational Change in this company. This is the instructor instructions on the paper: Please follow them: Assignment: Prepare a paper regarding an organizational change/transition you believe will add value to your current organization. - Clearly state your change/transition objective - Explain the basis or rationale for the intended change – what value will this change have for the organization? - There is no minimum or maximum number of words for your paper - Your paper must provide a comprehensive explanation of your change/transition, meeting the requirements listed below. - Single Space - All papers must be dated and include your name and class identification at the top of your paper. Papers without names will not be graded. - Paper Value: 150 points (15% of your total grade) Requirements: - Organization: - A business you currently work in - A student or professional organization you belong to - A religious or service organization you belong to - If none of these apply, select an organization from your past - Utilize your Managing Transitions text to guide you in your preparing your paper - Utilize other change/transition resources as appropriate to supplement your text - Assess the Transition Readiness of your organization - Determine and clearly state your Transition Plan - Address and answer the following key questions: o What do you see as your greatest personal challenge to achieving your objective? o What do you see as the greatest organizational challenge to achieving your Citations: objective? o How will you manage or propose to the organizations leadership how the change/transition should be managed? o If your objective is achieved what will be the benefit/value to the organization? How will that benefit/value be measured/determined? o How will you sustain the change/transition? - Specifically cite your text or other credible resources that effectively support or provide guidance to your change/transition initiative. Remember: Unknown and Wikipedia are not acceptable sources. Thank you and if you have any question let me know :) source..
Organizational refers to the transformation of the existing organizational culture as well as the roles within an organization. It entails partial or complete restructuring of the company. The change process involves changing the ideologies of individuals working for the organization and thus leading organizational change is thus one of the most daunting tasks.
The world is changing so fast with advancement in technology posing a great challenge on managers of different firms. Focus on survival and growth of the firm is very crucial to any company. However, no development can be realized in the company without making necessary changes that would enable the company attain its goals in challenging moments.
This paper explores organizational change in Saudi Arabia oil company, ARAMCO describing the importance of the changes to the company.
Organizational change in Saudi Arabia oil company, ARAMCO
Saudi ARAMCO needs to change its corporate strategies to utilize the existing opportunities in the market and placate the likely threats to the organization. The company despite having considerable advantages over its competitors in the world oil industry is faced with many internal and external threats. It has a small production capacity and also over relies on crude oil for its revenues. Moreover, there is need for the company to diversify its products following the decline in demand for oil as a result of high prices all over the world. The company’s change objective is to invigorate exploration and expansion of oil production capacity. The company’s corporate strategies will be focused more on making better the profit base of the company while keeping operational costs as low as possible.
In the past, the company has been exploring oil to a relatively small extent. Therefore, there is need to increase to a considerable extent the exploration process. Invigorating the exploration process will enable the company to discover cheaper oil and gas reserves. This is likely to translate into high profit levels for the company which in turn will add to the already established strengths to capture the opportunities in the market (Kobayashi 9).
The most challenging factor on my side is getting the leadership to buy my idea of invigorating and expanding the oil production capacity of the compan...
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