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Grocery Stores (Essay Sample)

The number of people grocery shopping less than five minutes from their home has more than doubled over the last 20 years, increasing from 17% in 1980 to 42% in 2006. Most of these changes are a response to increasingly hectic lifestyles. As consumers we tend to base our grocery shopping around where we live and/or where we work. Given this statistic, research the grocery stores within the area in which you live and discuss how they compete with each other. Be sure to look into the advertising, promotions and marketing communications done by these stores, their location, the image they are creating along with the store design and layout. **Doesn't need to be exactly where I live, it can be in general .... source..
Grocery Stores
Shopping trends are fast changing, and local groceries are on the increase. Retail trading is perhaps the best choice for customers who are in a particular location. Local groceries are offer diverse shopping services to consumers, and customer satisfaction has become their main feature. Geographical locations have an obvious influence on the performance of the local groceries, whose retailers strive to stay at par with the store design and layout. This paper explores on the local media of advertising, promotions and marketing communications. The comparison between these modes of marketing with those practiced by larger stores is also made.
The competition that exists at the local levels of grocery stores focuses mainly on specific outlets, rather than the brands of the commodities (Koekemoer & Bird, p. 72). Retailers in these stores concentrate more on the variety of the goods they offer, so as to compete with their neighboring grocers in the same local area. Retail advertising can be done by various ways, such as giving details of the commodities sold or description of the grocery...
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