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Self-reflaction. Business & Marketing Assignment. (Essay Sample)


The goal is to share with your discussion team some concrete plans and hopes for yourself as a student. Think of it as a 2 year plan, or a 5 year plan if that is more useful for you.
1) Plans for coursework, field study, research and internships in your major. What classes are you most looking forward to? What kind of non-course work would you like to get involved in? Who will you try to lean on and seek out for any of this?
2) Plans for electives and the non-major courses you would like to seek out while you’re a student. If you had the time, what else would you study? Who will you try to lean on and seek out in this category?
3) Plans for anything you want to do while you’re at UCSC that isn’t necessarily a class. This might have something to do with a particular student group or club, or it might be about becoming a more vocal participant, or it might be that you want to visit one office hours each quarter for every quarter you’re here. This also could be informed by the interview you conducted.
4) Plans for ways you will think about and develop your longer term future after UCSC, even if you really have no idea where you are headed right now. What would you like to investigate, explore, try out? Who will you try to lean on and seek out in this realm? This also could be informed by the interview you conducted (as could any of these categories).


In the next two years, I plan to take the fiver courses. These courses are international marketing mismanagement, product mismanagement, healthcare marketing, management of sales operations and digital marketing. Through these courses, I will be able to learn different techniques of implementing, designing, and analyzing market research studies. During this period, I would also like to engage in research data formulation, data collection and analysis of particular products in the market. I believe these activities will assist me during sales and marketing during the internship. I also plan to apply for an internship in different companies as a consultant or a digital marketing intern. 

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