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The Final Feminist Frontier By Jessica Grose (Essay Sample)


Double space 4 pages 1000 words . 1 source. No plagiarism. And rhetorical analysis essay. It can be about any topic. Just for it to talk about logo pathos and ethos.


Rhetorical Analysis
Literature and Language
Rhetorical Analysis of Cleaning: The Final Feminist Frontier by Jessica Grose.
Among the American women society, the adage ‘A woman's work is never done' is quite common. Just like the saying goes, Jessica Grose does not stop at anything as her work never ends in authoring the above-titled article. Jessica's article was published in the New Republic in 2013. Grose notices and acknowledges that society has changed in many ways. She points out that the masculinity has now assumed duties such as cooking and childcare. She, however, argues that despite all these, the duty of cleaning has always been left to women, something she finds unfair. To build the credibility of her claims, Grose cites statistics and facts that are quite convincing, uses emotional appeal successfully, and uses information from reputable sources and also personal facts. While finalizing her article, however, Grose tries to appeal to the reader's emotion; weakening her argument and credibility altogether.
Hurricane Sandy shut Grose down in the house. This is the stage she sets for her readers as she unravels her argument. She showcases how cleaning looked like with her husband in her marriage. The conclusions she draws from her experiences; she uses them to outline a comparison with the larger society of feminists. While doing so, she notices that the question of the person responsible for cleaning is one of the biggest issues in most relationships- cleaning duties are unevenly distributed in relationships. It often lean to the woman's side. In her research, she finds reasons as to why men do not like the cleaning part. Among the reasons include; men not deriving any fun when it comes to cleaning, all the adverts often uphold men who cook and take care of children but they have never heard of cleaning and lastly, the society praises women for cleaning. Grose gives suggestions to possible solutions to this common problem. Among them include the use of gadgets to make cleaning fun, a subdivision of labor regarding abilities and skills, making a working chart and also, the couple can decide to stay in a dirty house.
To show credibility and to appeal to ethos, Grose uses a number of reputable sources which she cited and referenced them in her article. The use of these sources indicates that she did her work very well. She provides expert opinions, statistics and facts drawn from these sources and cited them accordingly; this boosts her credibility. Examples of the sources she used in her article include; ”Matthew Krehbiel, a Brand Manager of the P&G North America Fabric Care” and “New Hampshire University's 2008 study by Sociologists Tsui-o Tai & Judith Treas.” In addition, the author uses he

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