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Matt Stutzman The Armless Archer: Disability (Essay Sample)


Each entry should contain A) the title, B) the author(s), C) a 1 -2 sentence summary of the piece, and D) answers to the following questions:
What is the author's main argument or thesis?
List new terms, concepts, or ideas you encountered in this piece. Were you able to find out what these terms, concepts or ideas mean? Do you need further clarification? (If so, bring these questions to class!)
Given the information you have (or can easily locate), what do you think the author's positionality is? How might this positionality impact the author's thesis or main claims?
Who do you think the audience is? Provide evidence for your reasoning.


Stutzman The Armless Archer
As per the article, the author discusses how Matt Stutzman has disputed many challenges throughout his existence on account of his disability. He was born without arms and sold out for adoption. As I was comprehending this exposition, I took the course that the disabled undergo an enormous expanse of stress and encounter a lot of social stigma from the majority. Stutzman's disability did not restrain him from pursuing his vision of bow hunting but in fact, amassed his aspiration to prove that he can be the leading archer worldwide.
The author declares that archery is not straightforward. It takes practice and a lot of time which drives me to wonder how much hard work it would take an armless archer to break a Guinness record. ‘You would think a guy with no arms would have some modifications, but I don't have any' (Murrell 2). This begs the objection, did a normal upbringing push him into acquiring such proficiency? I would like to presume that with special treatment, the disabled are incapacitated and accordingly end up dependent on their guardian(s).
Through my assessment, the positionality of the author is an archer. He asserts to apprehend the art of archery and its hardship. The author is deeply inspired by the fact that an armless archer can be so outstanding. I assume the audience of this article is all the disabled persons to incline them into pursuing their dreams.
Concluding, Disability is consequently not inability. Stutzman

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