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Terrorist Attacks: Unlawful Use Of Power (Term Paper Sample)


Develop a term paper that addresses a particular disaster agent, e.g., hurricane, tornado, terroristic attack, etc. Information should be provided that yields the following:
. Explaining the nature (natural science) of this agent (how does a hurricane form, etc.);
. How the nature of the agent impact on individuals and communities (vulnerability);
. An assessment of where in the U.S. the agent is most likely to occur (or most frequently occurs);
. An example of a disastrous event
. How individuals should prepare and respond to this agent;
. How communities should prepare to mitigate against and respond to the hazard.


Terrorist Attacks

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Terrorists Attack

Terrorism has its root in the 20th century in relation to the existence of political and resistance movements in the early years. For example, the Sicarii organization was a form of a terrorist group from the Jewish community. The organization purposed to rebellion against the Romans in the Middle East. After World War II, nationalist movements in the old empires of the European powers triggered resistance among different tribes. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the Al-Qaeda are the most known terrorist groups that caused massive loss of life.

Terrorism is the unlawful use of power or fierceness by persons or a group of people with illative motive (Das & Kratcoski, 2002). Terrorists attack with an objective to either coerce or intimidate societies or the federal government in an effort to promote political or conceptual beliefs. Terror attacks take different forms and could take place at any time. Terrorist attacks thrive by inducing fear to exploit vulnerabilities. As previously thought, terrorism aims at terrifying the audience or the target concerned. As a result, people tend to have an impression of being unsafe which make them foresee negative and harmful incidences. In addition, terrorism is politically motivated violence against civilian targets by subnational groups. When terrorists plan to attack, they use hazardous materials, highly technological equipment, and other biological agents to disrupt the ongoing activities in the community. They release chemical materials or harmful substances that cause harm to human health. Poisonous gases and liquids are also used to poison people and the environment. Currently, terrorists have continued to use explosives and nuclear blast, especially in densely populated areas causing mortal injury or destruction of property. In the modern day, the terrorist has embraced the internet as a tool of communication replacing print and other physical media. Terrorist organizations are using the internet to communicate their message, recruit new members, and coordinate attacks globally.

Terrorist attacks have threatened the well- being of our economy, especially in the tourism industry. Tourism is among the most rapidly growing industries globally, has been endangered by terror attacks. In the last decades, the tourism industry has increasingly expanded, leading to an improvement in the economic growth of many countries. Currently, people are traveling worldwide more frequently than before. The tourism industry has been a source of employment for many as well as a source of revenue to countries. Nationally, tourism has contributed to the economic development of many countries. The industry remains fragile and is exposed to risk factors such as war and acts of terrorism. Terrorist attacks have a substantial impact on tourism, and such experiences could lead to a downturn in the national tourism industry if a country is affected. Terror attacks scare away tourist from touring a specific country due to fear for their lives. Terrorist attacks have become an international issue and threaten the life of international tourists. To gain mass attention, terrorists hold victims as hostages or send threatening messages to the public. When persons are taken a hostage or abducted for ransom, their families are victimized by the demands made on them and the trauma of the experience. When the terrorist kidnaps the victims or they disappear mysteriously, their fam

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