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Why Amazon should select Washington, DC Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Choose one place in Newark; Washington, DC. Los Angeles, CA; And Miami, FL.
Information which can provide your argument need to find by yourself in the internet or other places, need to work cited
Do not copy the all information that find in the internet, need to transfer in your own way.

Writing Assignment 3 BUS300 From: MacKenzie Shaw (Managing Partner, Canes Consulting) To: Analyst Subject: Amazon Project As you should already know, Amazon, a big client of ours, recently withdrew its plans to build a large office in New York City. What’s not public is that it has secretly reopened its search and has narrowed it down to the following four cities: Newark, NJ; Washington, DC; Los Angeles, CA; and Miami, FL. Amazon also made it a point to note that these four cities’ financial proposals were fairly similar, so do not consider them when preparing your report. Needless to say, this is an extremely important decision for Amazon and an important engagement for Canes Consulting. Amazon has tasked each of its go-to consulting firms including Cambridge Consulting Group, McKinley, WolfBain, and us to prepare separate reports recommending which of the four cities it should choose. I need you to prepare that report. Unfortunately, Bezos’s staff didn’t provide us with any information beyond what I’ve already described above. It’ll be up to you to determine-- among other things--which city to choose, what should drive Amazon’s decision, etc. One final point Amazon added is that the report should be no more than 1000 words. Bezos is leaving for Aspen in a few weeks for a conference and wants to make this decision ahead of his trip, so I’ll need your report no later than December 1. Thanks, MacKenzie


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Why Amazon should select Washington, DC.
Amazon has withdrawn from building a large office in New York but has promised to announce the location for its headquarters by the end of the year. The firm has narrowed down the site for its headquarters to four cities; Newark, NJ, Los Angeles, CA, Washington, DC and Miami, FL. With these cities on edge for selection, and looking at the concerns and requirements needed for the completion of the process, it is only pertinent that Amazon selects Washington, DC. The city should be the second home for Amazon because of its broad range qualification compared to the other contestants.
In its request for proposal, Amazon outlined some of the things that it would look for in the four locations. Goodman states that some of these requirements include the fact that it should be a Metropolitan city with more than one million people, be a conducive and stable environment for business. It should also be able to attract and retain robust technical capabilities, be having efficient access to excellent mass transit, access to an international airport, the presence of diverse and supportive population, and nearing colleges and universities (1). In this context, Washington, DC, is considered one of the front runners because it meets all the requirements mentioned above, but so do the other three cities. This section of the paper reports on a detailed analysis that proves that the proposed pick meets abundantly meets three of the most significant prompts given above.

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