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Challenges Of New York City Water System (Essay Sample)


In a cogent style confront the following questions.
You may present a formal research paper, properly documented, of course; an essay or a fictional account.

  1. How is the quality of the water that you consume (i.e. chemically)?
  2. What safeguards are in place to secure the quality your water?
  3. What means are used to assess water quality by your municipality, county and state?
  4. What quality problems are foreseen due to present rates of consumption?
  5. Are there any special circumstances in your locality extent relating to the water supply (either quality or quantity)?
  6. What is the source of your water supply?
  7. What is the capacity of your water supply?
  8. What presently is being planned to augment or treat your water supply?
  9. Are there any legislative measures that threaten the integrity of your water supply? How would you determine if there were?
  10. Do you perceive that any problem exists either with the quantity or quality of your water supply?
  11. Do your contemporaries sense that any such problem exists?
  12. What is your current expenditure for the water that you consume?
  13. Predict the cost of water throughout your working lifetime (i.e. roughly the next 50 years).
You may consult any printed, on-line or live source of information. You will, most certainly, cite the sources of all data obtained whether books, periodicals, web sites, water bills or people. You may decide to answer all of the questions with equal vigor or focus on those that you find more interesting.


New York Water System
In New York City we are supplied water by the New York water system. However, due to high rates of water utilization and the rapid population growth in the city, the amount of water consumption has greatly increased prompting the municipality to come up with strategies such as water rationing in order to control and ensure water is used effectively. Also, they have started drilling of wells to compliment the current water supply. These strategies have led to increased cost of water, which is currently set at $ 3.81 per 100 cubic feet (748 gallons) (Carl, n.p). These rates are likely to rise as time goes by. On average, I usually pay $300- $500 per annum for water. I expect this to rise as I plan to start my family in future.
Some of the challenges that affect the quality of water in New York City include sewer leakages and discharge of industrial wastes into the reservoirs affecting the quality of the water. However, the Bureau of Water Supply Agency ensures that the quality of water is not compromised by protecting water sources from pollution. The sources of water are monitored by the organization ensuring that there are no effluent wastes released into the water reservoirs hence ensuring safety of the water. Furthermore, the government has invested heavily in wastewater infrastructures which have ensured that the quality of water is enhanced throughout. To realize this, the government made an investment of one billion dollars in wastewater infrastructures to maintain the system. The agency ensures that water is supplied continuously irrespective of the surrounding conditions. Therefore, we have not encountered the challenge of water shortage in our

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