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Pitch Letter For Coca-Cola Media Tour: Michael Bloomberg (Essay Sample)


Pretend it is 2012. Your assignment this week is to write just such a pitch letter for Katie Bayne, president of sparkling beverages at Coca-Cola. She's coming to New York in the midst of Michael Bloomberg's campaign to restrict the size of sugared drinks. You are pitching her to a news outlet in New York City. Your note should be short, no more than 400 words. But remember, no reporter will look at your first paragraph for more than a few seconds, so make that first graph really count! You should, of course, refer to Coca-Cola's position found in our case study, for points to stress. Please tell me why you have pitched that outlet.

No evidence connecting obesity to sugary beverages has been founded. However, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York iterates that the city spends an average of $4 billion annually on residents that are overweight. He attributes the issue to sugary drinks as the largest contributor to Obesity to the residents of New York. Contradicting, between 1999 and 2010, there was a significant decrease in the sugar intake in the city and an increase in the number of children with obesity by 13% and 7% for adults (Caldwell).
Obesity is an issue in the United States and requires a more sophisticated strategy that encompasses size portions and diet and the promotion of exercises among young people, with the provision of additional recreation spaces and parks. Bloomberg made a proposal for limiting sugary drinks’ intake within the city to 16 ounces. It would be hard for small and medium enterprises to adhere to the ban. In addition, the companies in the beverage industry would enact multiple lawsuits on liberty. Coca-Cola has the right to conduct business in the country without discrimination.
Coca-Cola offers various beneficial attributes, including calories for children and a great taste. It offers hydration that is essential for human health. Coca-Cola began the campaign in London during the Olympics to support the participants. The company has a commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of people all over the world. The company is co...
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