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How The Diversity Of New York’s Population Is Its Strength (Term Paper Sample)


Assignment 4: Personal Essay Project
Due dates:
Project Outline: Due in class Thursday, March 8
Completed project: Upload to Blackboard by Sunday, March 25, @ 11:59 p.m.
My New York
Over the semester we have been reading about many different “New Yorks.” What’s your New York? Identify a theme that you can
1) develop into a short essay and
2) illustrate with your own photos or drawings.
Both essay and illustrations should develop your theme. You can further develop your descriptive paragraph, or do something new. You will present your project to the class at the end of the term.
Length: about 600-700 words
Include at least three illustrations. Ideally, you should be the creator of the illustrations.
Format for text:
Use 12-point font
Use the “insert page number” feature in Word to type your name in the header
How to Upload your paper
For this course go to Blackboard Course Material >“Upload Project Here” >Read directions; click on “Browse My Computer” to upload your document.
*Please DO upload a document in an acceptable file format;
*Please DO NOT cut and paste into the window.


My New York
My New York
1 What is your theme for the project?
New York's strength is in its people.
2 Draft title of the project (the title should indicate what you have to say about the theme):
The unspoken and often unacknowledged treasure of New York: The People.
3 List three specific ways that your essay will examine/develop this theme:
* Describe how the diversity of New York's population is its strength.
* Show how the people's remarkable resolve often exhibit or show what New York is.
* How treasured or valued it is for one to be a New Yorker.
4 List three possible ideas for illustrating the theme (with your photos or drawings).
* Use of examples and events when the people's strength was depicted.
* Show photos of the people's resolve when faced with adversity.
* Use the leaders of the city and show how they exhibit what the city represents.
5 Briefly explain what you wish to achieve with this project.
Every city has its strengths and weaknesses. By showcasing New York's strength, I get to share my view or perspective of the city. There can never be a city without a people, and in this project, I wish to elucidate further on this point. New York gets its strength from the people and overwhelming loyalty these people have towards it. Therefore, I want to make these issues clear and to help my readership to grasp my idea of New York perfectly.
My New York
I believe I can categorically say that New York represents the most diverse part of the world today. The city is filled with people from all walks of life, and apparently, more people keep coming in. People come visit this city and end up making it their home. New York's doors are open to everyone, and the city continues to develop and grow closer in spite of the many challenges in the world and specifically the United States. For me, I believe that a city is its people and the state, as well as the image of a city, is highly d

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