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Biological and Biomedical Sciences Paper: Acid and Base (Essay Sample)


Double space , paraphrase the information. Essay in MLA writing . use the book Biology by Sylvia S. Mader 10- edition 2010 use cited / cited paper

Acid and Base
The scientific term acid refers to an ion or a molecule, which can donate a hydrogen that could be either a proton or a hydrogen ion. An acid additionally has an ability to form a covalent bond when it comes to contact with other pairs of electrons. In other words, one could define an acid as a solution, which has a high concentration of hydrogen ions. Hydrogen ions are responsible for making solutions to become acidic. On the other hands, the term base is a scientific term used in the chemistry branch to substances especially in aqueous solutions that have a slippery texture. The substances are also responsible for changing the color indicators such as the red litmus paper to blue. The additionally react with acidic solutions to form a base. The other name for bases is alkalis and they readily accept hydrogen ions. PH is another term used in chemistry to stipulate the basicity or acidity of aqueous solutions using a PH scale. The paper aims to define acids and bases, their components and the properties compositions.
There are several specific properties of an acid. The first property is that acids are sour. Acids have a sour t and a bitter taste once one tastes them. Another property about acids is that they are corrosive in nature (Prenesti et al.2). When the acids come on contact with surfaces, they corrode most of the surfaces and materials they contact. To expound on this, acids tear and corrode materials such as papers, clothes, and the human skin. Another peculiar property about acids is that most of the acids have strong reactions with metals. The other properties in acids are that they turn indicators such as the blue litmus paper to red. Examples of acids include Sulfuric acid, nitric acids, and nitric acids.
On the other hand, bases also have some properties that define them. One of these properties is that bases have a slippery texture. Once you try to touch them, you feel an oily type of feeling. Same as acids, they are also corrosive and have a bitter taste (Pradeep et al. 2). A peculiar characteristic about the bases is that they can conduct electricity. Also, they turn red litmus paper to blue. Examples of bases include potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide and ba...
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