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Criminal Profiling: Art, Science, or Both? (Essay Sample)

Hello The major requirements from the professor. Requires, lease three creative, innovative sub-headings or subtitle and ending with the conclusion to organize the clearer essay to make more reader- friendly. Please remember to include Small length, responding to colleague posting (same subject) Thanks source..
Criminal Profiling: Art, Science, or Both Student Name Professor Name Course Title Date Introduction Criminal profiling is both an art and science. It is largely established as an art of profiling because it is reliant upon an individual basic knowledge through investigative experience. However, it can be termed as a science, based on fundamental forensic science and experimental behavioral research. Criminal profiling is a constructive investigative tool utilized by law enforcement agencies to recognize probable suspects and study trends that might forecast future offenses; however, it does not have much reliability and validity when compared to other scientific investigations (FBI, 2013). Responding to colleague posting My colleague argues that criminal profiles are largely based on what empirical research has revealed about criminals. Conversely, when there is absence of solid empirical research profilers would often rely on intuition. My colleague posting suggests that criminal profiling is more of an art than science because criminal profilers utilize their intuition when determining physical traits of offenders, such as height or eye color. Furthermore, profiling is based on what experimental research have discovered about offenders. Criminal profiles based on empirical search can provide some insight into the traits of the offender, but the use of scientific methods would help in developing an impression of offender personality and the approach they utilized in committing the crime. Consequently, I do not support my colleague view that profiling is more of an art than science, but it is a combination of both art and science. Furthermore, the use of systems including VICAP, CGT has played a significant role in the profiling field (FBI, 2013). Criminal profiling as an art Criminal profiling is considered to start in early 1880's when doctors Thomas Bond and George Philips used autopsies and information from the crime scenes to accumulate pattern of behavior from the serial killer. Afterwards, in early 1940s a criminal profile on Adolf Hitler was created to aid in forecasting diverse circumstances in World War 2. The profile proved accurate after it predicted that Hitler would commit suicide if he faced defeat. Throughout these years, criminal profiling was considered as an art. Psychiatrists are argued to use their understanding of mental illness and crime to observe cases and formulate predictions about the offender. The profiles were not consistent among profilers and relied mostly upon their prior experiences in the field. Nevertheless, some profiles were superior to others, thus criminal profiling was perceived as an art. The FBI form of profiling is argued to be more of an art than a science because it emphasize on objective approach based on experience of criminal investigation. FBI agents propose that successful criminal profilers are usually knowledgeable in criminal investigations and research and ...
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