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Composition and The Rhetoric of Science Research Paper (Essay Sample)


What you want to do is to study in more depth a topic related to rhetoric of science. You can certainly start with Composition and the Rhetoric of Science, but I expect your work to go beyond it. Zerbe gives you a good idea of the scholarship in the area in terms of who has written what. These sources could be pursued in greater depth. The purpose of the research paper is to go beyond Zerbe and add to the conversation, not to repeat what I have read this semester. When you have a bibliography (or Works Cited page), you should have a text citation for each source listed there. Likewise, there should be bibliographical citation for each text citation. You may choose any topic you like from the book. 
Book used: ISBN: 0-8093-2740-6


Composition and The Rhetoric of Science
Composition and The Rhetoric of Science
Michael J. Zerbe presents rather detailed approach to understanding the scientific discourse and how important it is for students (Zerbe, 2007). Creative writing is one of the core aspects that students have to learn as they go on with the studies. However, the most important aspect is related to the ability of the student to express their ideas. According to Zerbe understanding the elements of composition and the rhetoric of science is crucial for the instructors as they teach their students on the best way to develop their literacy skills. This is also related to the fact that the scientific discourse is part of the rhetoric status and one that is crucial in the western culture. However, much of the skills that the students gain in school are lacking in the scientific discourse, which would better prepare them for science and technology course and even carriers (Patel, 2016). This is a crucial set of skills and one that students need to master as they develop their writing skills. What is most important is the fact that, much of these skills are not just for the school examination purposes, but they are also for the kind of work that the students will be engaged in when they leave school. This is further associated with the fact that, when one is working, they will be in most of the cases be required to offer reports to the superiors on the level of progress that they have made or even present information to their board. This is information that should be coherent and presenting factual information along with the persuasion needed to help the audience to relate with it (Baker, Lewis, Purzer, & Lang, 2009).
Scientific discourse is one of the most crucial element of writing due in part to a number of approaches that are used. These are approaches that are crucial to the ability of a student or even any professional to present information in a manner that is coherent (Zerbe, 2007). One of the aspects that has to be considered with respect to scientific rhetoric is presentation of new information. It is important that a student is able to present new information from a well-researched approach. This is with reference to the fact that, they have to touch on the information that already existing, make reference to the new information and present in a manner that is appealing to the audience. At the same time, other that the information being appealing, it also has to be presented in a manner that draws interest from the audience from a persuasive perspective (Wallace, 2004). Other than that it has to be well researched to make sure that it points to the works of other researchers to ensure that it is authentic (Patel, 2016). Writing research papers in the realm of scientific and technology studies is a crucial skill that means that the student will have to be organized from the time they gather their information to the way that they present that information to the audience. Any flaw that is found in the scientific method of research that the students fails to streamline will mean that the rest of the information presented and the efforts that go into the paper are lost in the simple mistake.
When working on a research report of major steps that one has to take is to make sure that they have the right material. Ideally this means that one has to carryout research to establish the extent of their topic and how it has been presented in the past (Bauer, 2009). Writing skills require that one is well informed on the topic that they are working (Patel, 2016). This means that, before presenting the new information in any paper they have to have mastered what has come before. Part of the scientific information presentation approach requires that students understand what other researchers that have ...
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