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Differentiating between land administration, land policy, and land management (Essay Sample)

- the assignment has foure questions each question need at least 500 word - I request for 8 pages, each question into two pages - each question need 3 sources - for quesion one select Australia to write about it - be attention for marking scheme for all question - if you have any question please ask me source..
Land administration
Question 1
Differentiating between land administration, land policy, and land management
The perceived differences between land administration, land policy and land management may clearly be brought out by closely examining the meaning of each of the terms and its application. For instance, land administration may be perceived as a system which comprises of a variety of sub-systems which actualise strategies aimed at accomplishing land policy implementation and also other policies in the system of land management (Ginger, 2000, p.35). Land administration reflects the implementation system concerning binding strategy. It involves various independent sub-systems, wherein each serves own fundamental objectives, although they ought to operate in harmony so as to attain proper administration of the built and natural environments. The sub-systems involved in land administration comprise of those associated with utility management, administration concerning planning of land use, environmental planning and land taxation, land tenure management and management system of land information which connects these systems (Colebatch, 2006, p.7). It may also be perceived as process regarding recording, determining and releasing of information concerning land use, value and ownership when executing policies concerning land management.
Land policy is expressed as plan or basic principles which offer suitable guidelines concerning various land aspects like use, ownership as well as transfer (Loomis, 2002, p.27). It is important because it helps in trimming down conflicts concerning land due to its capacity to offer suitable guidelines which direct ways through which land is handled. Land policy stands out as a national policy part concerning objective promotion like political stability, equity and social justice, and economic development. It is apparent that land policies have often been associated with land speculation preventive measures and land disputes management; land provision to women, ethnic minorities and poor; sustainable control and management of the environment; natural resources and land use; taxation regarding real property; land markets (especially access to credit and land transactions); and tenure security.
Land management refers to maintenance as well as use of land in accordance with principles’ set so as to realise certain purposes like recreational activities and crops’ cultivation (Ginger, 2000, p.36). It may also be expressed as control practices of development as well as use of the land resource both in rural and urban setting. Management is usually essential because it facilitates appropriate land use in activities like eco-tourism projects, management regarding water resources, reforestation and organic agriculture. Land management is usually aimed at ensuring that sustainable development is achieved.
Illustration concerning management pa...
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