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Integrated Marine Maintenance Management System for High Speed Vessels (Essay Sample)

I would like you to help me with writing critical review for my thesis. My thesis topic is ‘'integrated marine maintenance management system for high speed vessels''. This is the general idea and please do not hesitate if you need any further information source..

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(08 May, 2011)
Integrated Marine Maintenance Management System for High Speed Vessels
Computerized maintenance management system is a software kind of package that maintains computer data base of information about the maintenance operations of an organization. The main objective of this information is to assist maintenance practitioners perform their work in a more effective way. For instance, such information may determine which machine requires maintenance, and the storeroom that contain needed spare parts for such maintenance. In addition, the software helps the management make decisions that are much informed, for instance, calculation of machine breakdown repair costs compared to preventive maintenance for all machines. This may in one way or the other lead to better allocation of resources. This data might also be helpful during verification of regulatory compliance. Most of industries use this approach when they have a complicated systems or the capital cost of the machinery is high.
The packages of CMMS might be of greater use in organizations that have made maintenance of equipments, assets and other properties obligatory. The need for, as well as the uses for CMMSs has not been specified to a particular industry or any organization. Though, there are CMMS products that concentrate on particular industry sector, like the maintenance of High Speed Vessel marine machines, while others are much general. These packages have the ability of producing status reports, as well as documents that provides details or summaries of maintenance practices. . The more the package sophistication, the higher the analysis facilities provided. In that connection, there are such packages which are web-based, hence have the ability of hosting the company selling the product on an outside server. They can also be LAN based, implying that, that company that buys the software have the ability of hosting the product on their own server. The CMMSs are being used by federal governments, states, municipal organizations, along with all sizes and types of manufacturing processes, hotels, marine organizations, collages, to mention but just a few.
Computerized Maintenance Management systems have been developed with the aim of organizing, expatiating as well as monitoring of all maintenance systems. They have been fragmented into inventory, preventive maintenance as well as work order tracking. The advantage with this system is that, it usually integrates with the aim of controlling major areas of maintenance operations into a single system. The system on market, have varying sizes, hence organizations like marine organizations having 5 to 500 craft employees to be cost effective in their application.
Computerization system of maintenance work order systems enhances and improves maintenance efficiency in most cases, provided ...
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