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Information Communication Technology Computer System (Essay Sample)

have to use the source that I attached the area that you have to write about is information communications and technology After that have to refer it to my major ( computer system ) not more 400 word source..

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(July 27, 2012)
Information Communication Technology Computer System
In the Mekong delta Habitat for Humanity works with the local government and community partners in their micro-finance program. These people lack computer literacy and access there is need to develop a way of transferring information to and from habitats partners in simple, quick and user friendly manner and also come up with a simple training course to teach partners how to use the computer system. The computer system can be used as means of communication and transferring the information, through the internet one can send an email and also communicate using the video calls. There is need to set up a local area network where there will be a link between the people in the area to ensure they can communicate efficiently.
A computer system can be used to make the information transfer in the area faster and user friendly so long the users know how to operate the system. Since the internet provides a cost effective and efficient way to communicate it`s the best to use in the information passage using a World Wide Web one can develop a single reliable, accurate and accessible source of administrative information for all. The habitat and the partners will require developing an internet based program for the purpose of information transfer. In order to develop the computer system of communication all the computer hardware, software and internet connectivity need to be recorded for the whole habitat area. The other way to enhance the computer system is to give information to the users on how to access the internet
A simple training program will be necessary to make sure the people who use this computer sy...
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