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Paraphrase 6 (Essay Sample)

*********** WRITER PETER ONLY *********** Write one page introduction about TOMTOM Navigator XL. please see the example in the attachment. and you can use this links: ( please don't copy and paste because I've to submit it in Turnitin) - http://igor(dot)chudov(dot)com/manuals/TomTom-XL-330-User-Manual.pdf - http://www(dot)tomtomwork(dot)com/en/company/index.xml - http://en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/TomTom - http://www(dot)tomtom(dot)com/page/rds-tmc - http://download(dot)tomtom(dot)com/open/manuals/ttwirelessgps/ttwirelessgps_uk.pdf source..
TOMTOM Navigator XL
Traffic information is crucial in the transport systems and it is in this interest that the Tom Tom has established two effective and distinct ways of providing traffic information. These are the Tom Tom RDS-TMC traffic receiver and the Tom Tom traffic receiver and have found many applications in the modern world of technology. These two choices are designed to suit the interest and style of the users. The tom-tom wireless GPS receiver gives the user the mobility for hiking, personal navigation and sailing using the rechargeable battery power and the blue tooth technology. It makes use of an AC power adopter which is quick in charging the receiver and hence allows the user to use the receiver for a longer period of time both indoors and outdoors.
The Tom Tom traffic services are credited for providing high performance, reliable and updated traffic information. As a consequence therefore, the Tom Tom traffic information service is important in eliminating some traffic problems such as checking the road conditions and the weather conditions a head at the same time.
One of the advantages claimed for the use of the Tom Tom services is that it is one of the most updated and accurate traffic information as well as offering the simplest way of getting traffic information.
In order to make effective use of these services, several equipments are essential top on the list being a mobile phone which can use the blue tooth technology together with a wireless data connection. The RDS-TMC traffic receiver is also critical and of great importance.
The paying mode depends entirely on the amount of data transmitted annually but one off cost can be offered for the long users. The Tom Tom traffic information services provide information describing the traffic situation, the location and the direction of the affected traffic. Further to ...
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