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Change Leadership (Essay Sample)

*********** WRITER PETER ONLY *********** It is a debate. I wanna you to write some points to attack this topic Change Leadership. My position in this debate is (AGAINST) so I need some points and logical argument in order to argue with For group. And here more explaining about Change Leadership. Change Leadership Change can not be managed. One can only be ahead of it. A leader will not survive unless he or she is a “change leader”. A change leader sees change as an opportunity. A change leader looks for changes, knows how to find the right changes, and knows how to make them effective both outside the organisation and inside it. Take a position: is the only effective leader likely to be the one who can anticipate the future and promotes change? Is there a dark side to the constant pursuit of change? source..

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(10 September 2010)
Change Leadership
The future and promotion of change is not only anticipated by the effective leader but also the effective follower.
* At the same time in an organization, every one is a leader and a follower. For the effective running of the organization. The followers should not submit themselves to the leader, they have to join together to pursue the goal.
* By joining together, the leader and the follower become partners in the running of the organization. In the union, followers do not just follow what the leader is saying or anticipating but, they are also not just active they are active in the leadership process.
* Baker (2006), say that followership is part from being prerequisite to leadership it is a continuing role. Good followers show abilities to become leaders by being good followers.
* As a pa...
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