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Moving Beyond Capitalism (Essay Sample)

*********** WRITER PETER ONLY *********** It is a debate. I wanna you to write some points to attack this topic Moving Beyond Capitalism. My position in this debate is (AGAINST) so I need some points and logical argument in order to argue with For group. you have to base your points about this question Take a position: What are the likely outcomes for a company of disproportionate salaries for CEO's ? or of "Downsizing" ? Are there examples of inappropriate behaviour by executives in Australia? Do you agree with the comment that society will pay for corporate greed? In what way might it pay? Is it feasible for capitalism to be reasonably moderated for the benefit of society as a whole? And here more explaining about Moving Beyond Capitalism. the topic is : I am for the free market. Even though it doesn't work too well, nothing else works at all. But I have serious reservations about capitalism as a system because it idolizes economics as the be-all and end-all of life. It is one-dimensional..... Today I believe it is socially and morally unforgivable when managers reap huge profits for themselves but fire workers. As societies, we will pay a heavy price for the contempt this generates amongst middle managers and workers. In short, whole dimensions of what it means to be a human being and treated as one are not incorporated into the economic calculus of capitalism. For such a myopic system to dominate other aspects of life is not good for any society. source..
Moving Beyond Capitalism
Capitalism is economic systems which production of goods and industries are privately owned by private individuals who are the sole beneficiaries to the profit made from the businesses. The owner of these business facilities are the once responsible for the planning of the supply, demand, price, investment and distribution of goods and services. The profit made is shared amongst the investors depending on the investment made.
I am against capitalism because of reasons including; the top management award themselves huge salaries and the increasing cases of downsizing, irrational behaviors, monopoly of products and immobility among other aspects.
Capitalism results to irrational and monopoly behaviors managers and company in the economic market, Australia isn’t exempted from this disadvantages (Boettke, 1997). As the executives will implement high prices of there goods in order to ensure the company makes a lot of profit that will enable them get huge salary and at the same time paying the workers of the company a small amount of m...
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