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The Use Of Social Media Platforms In Advertising (Essay Sample)


What kinds of native-to-online media entertainment have been most successful in business terms?
What explains their success? Answer with reference to at least one example (eg. a form of social media
entertainment on Youtube, Instagram, iQiyi etc).
Learning objectives assessed:
This assessment is intended to assess:
1. if you have developed a basic understanding of the field of communications;
2. can employ basic concepts in the study of communications;
3. can analyse the role of communications in processes of social and cultural change;
4. are able to apply communication analysis to everyday life;
5. are informed about areas of industry and community life where the study of communications is applicable and relevant
Presentation requirements:
Your Essay must:
1. Have a margin of at least 3 cm all the way around
2. Be spell-checked using an Australian dictionary (not an American dictionary). For example, use ‘organise’ as opposed to ‘organize’.
3. Have numbered pages
4. Use a legible 12-point font
5. Be 1.5 or double-spaced
6. Be submitted according to the online submission instructions provided below.


Social Media
Due Date
Social Media
The use of social media platforms in advertising is the most consistent marketing strategy to achieve consistency in sales which in turn brings success to the business unit. When the population in a certain platform matches the target population for a specific product, advertising yields a lot of sales and an increase in profits while on the other hand acquisition cost is highly minimised. Social advertising does not give any limit for sales leading to maximisation of profits. Social medial advertising depends on; where the targeted population gives a lot of concentration, the preferred media and the engagement of the target customers on the platforms. The issue of digitalisation has changed many aspects of the entertainment and media systems (Vollmer, 2018). Digital platforms have aided in the acquiring of information on demand. Producers, distributors, and consumers don't have to struggle in an attempt to keep the business world in motion. Various media platforms help investors in deciding where they should invest their money and time to succeed in their businesses.
Statistics show that Facebook hosts more than two billion users monthly, making it a perfect media for advertisement. Advertisers get the privilege of almost everyone in the targeted population. The main advantage of using this platform is that it's cost-friendly charging only $1 per lead lowering the expenses incurred by the business units involved. Advertisers can also target their customers by; job description, location, past activities and interests (DeMers, 2017). However, investors have to set ad focusing on the targeted demographics to ensure that the campaign is successful. Setting a retarget would help in acquiring a more and new audience. This media requires specific tactics to ensure that the purpose of the advertisement is achieved. Whether new or retargeting, ads should possess uniqueness for different audiences with all the interest focused on their satisfaction. Prospecting ads aid in building awareness for the brand of a product while retargeting would help in dealing with users who show interest in the commodity. This idea captures the attention of many users, Promoting the viability of the investment.
In most cases, users get fatigued by seeing the same ad all through. Investors should ensure consistent testing of their ads at least after every two weeks. New information gives better credibility to the platform. Many likes prove that many users in the platform have shown interest in the commodity advertised. The use of emoji has emerged on more established brands and this could bring out a secret in brand building for new products. This aspect does not contradict the innovation of new methods but just highlights the significance of emoji in media advertising. A perfect example of achievement by the use of Facebook is a brand of baby clothing from Arizona by the name Spearmint LOVE (Wu, 2016). The hard work implemented by the founders paid off well after one year, with Facebook ads becoming their main market strategy. The products become very successful with Facebook as one of the media used for its advertising.
Instagram has more than five hundred million users per month. The most fascinating fact about the population is that the users are active making the platform one of the highest engaged media with 58% rates more than Facebook. Most posting in this platform is made in images and videos. In this case, sellers of the best appealing products get a greater opportunity because the commodities create interest in many people. Investors should note that the media is mostly used by young people (18-29yers) including minorities in society and females. If the target population matches these characteristics, then ...

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