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Citizenship and Climate Change Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Need to write a hand to find a related news, write 3 paragraphs.
For the first paragraph of the summary150, please use Hayward et al (2015) argue + main idea (Abstract)
Second paragraph 150 words
The third paragraph of 100 words (need to combine the new search for their own) do not care about the words on the data
Format: word doc, font 12, Arial, dable sp


Citizenship and Climate Change
The study by Hayward et al (2015) argue the perception of youth on citizenship, and it impacts on climate change. They conducted surveys on two different groups from two countries, Norway and New Zealand (Hayward, Selboe and Plew 2015, p.21, 22). These surveys were done to compare how youth from these countries view citizenship, and they noted existence of some similarities and differences as far as changing the world is concerned. A considerable number of respondents from both countries suggested that good citizenship is related to rights and responsibilities. Nevertheless, there was a substantial difference between the understanding of these terms, which can lead to different perceptions about climate change and what they should do to counter this problem in their respective. According to the findings of the study, the understanding of citizenship is not universal. In New Zealand, respondents appeared to be more oriented towards collective responsibility and action (Hayward, Selboe and Plew 2015, p.24). On the other hand, Norwegian youths were much oriented on individual contribution towards the community.
Individual and collective contribution to national activities is an important aspect as far as encountering climate

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