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Teletransporter (Essay Sample)

i do some work but there are alot of things i should be change so can you help me with that iwill send some decoument for that pls and i need some graph in Demographics and in the Segmentation i want change from student to 1- Business people 2-Emergency travellers 3-People unable to travel via plane 4-Anyone in the long run (when price will decrease) thank you very much source..

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Technology has significantly changed almost every facet of our lives, making it easier, and even more enjoyable. Just to mention a few, the internet and intranet helps us to connect with people who are very far from us in just a few minutes and most importantly they keep us up to date concerning all the happening all over the world. Similarly, its effect on the transportation industry is also notable; more than any other time in history, transportation has become very easy and fast due to inventions of machines such as airplanes and jets among others, which have rendered barriers such as mountains and seas among others insignificant.
As such, following the above evidence, it is without argument that we should always uphold any new technology if we are to make our world a better place. In this regard, this paper is purposed to expound on Teletransporter by most importantly focusing on it marketability by analyzing the demographics of its potential marketplace, outline the segmentation of the potential buyers and on the other hand account for the rejected segments and lastly but not the least explain how I will target the identified segments.
To start with, teletransporter is a new technological device that is purposed to reduce the travel time of a person in the sense that it Transports a person in all parts of the world by chemical reactions of molecules (Teuber 2004). It is an inventory of Dr. Wiggins, and is designed like a cubicle, which is lined with panels on its inner side. When a person gets into the cubicle, the scanners scan his or her state (both the mind and the body) and thereafter transmit the information to a Replicator in any city, which on the other hand uses the received information to produce an exact person. As such, it stands to be the fastest transportation device, considering the fact that transportation is not delayed as it is the case with road, air and sea transportation.
First, it is of worth to note that, a teletransporter is designed for use by all kinds of people regardless of their age among other specifications. However, its potential market is mostly by the students and the working class.
In the contemporary world, there has been escalating rate of unemployment and as such, the number of available potential workers is more than the available job opportunities. As such, a worker must meet the requirements of their employer including punctuality in order to secure their jobs. In this consideration, , introducing this device to the members of the working class, can result to increased sales since as already mentioned, these people need to have better means of transport in terms of fastness in order to avoid lateness and consequently secure their jobs.
Additionally, a part from the need by...
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