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Operations Stratergy Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The word limit is 750 per question, and this does not include any graphs, or references.
Regarding graphs or diagrams, I will suggest including them if they support and illustrate your points, footnote references must be included where appropriate. 150 extra words included to cover any references / graphs
Question 1
The former US President, Bill Clinton, described globalisation as “the economic equivalent
of a force of nature, like wind or water. It pushes countries to specialise and swap, making
them richer, and the world smaller”.
In the first twenty years of this century, globalisation has been credited as a major contributor
to global economic growth. However, it is now said that the tide of globalisation is turning,
and that major companies are re-assessing their strategies in such aspects as offshoring.
Identify and evaluate the benefits that globalisation has brought for major business
operations in terms of operations strategy, and, also, the reasons for changes in this trend,
away from globalised approaches. (750 words limit)
Question 2
Another impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a marked and sudden increase in the
proportion of people working from home. Early evidence suggests that this has also had an
impact on the degree of flexible working, in more than one sense. As organisations plan for
future business operations, particularly for the period when the pandemic is finally under
control, you have been asked to prepare a report to form a basis for future plans.
In this, you have been asked to identify and evaluate the positive and negative implications
of working from home for staff who have been able to do so and show in which ways greater
flexibility for people in these organisations has come about. You have also been asked to
provide your view on the long-term trends in terms of working practices, on the basis of
evidence of recent changes. (750 words limit)


Question 1
Globalization is the core of current business activities and operations. The expansion of markets across borders and the ability to move goods and services across boundaries are all attributes of globalization. Businesses have welcomed globalization in various ways through the new trends experienced in their operational strategies. The desire to grow sales and profits has compelled firms to explore and expand their markets. Globalization has opened new markets for companies to grow internationally. The companies traditionally confined to local business operations are now big companies with active operations in the international markets. The new markets force businesses to find new strategies to operate in the broad markets comfortably. Major companies find their ways into the foreign states and operate as foreign direct investors. Such strategies allow the companies to increase their presence internationally and eventually expand their revenue generating activities.
Operations strategy in the major firms has become better through the communications ability facilitated by globalization. Industrialization triggered new technology dynamics that businesses adopt in their operations. Companies with offshore branches and outlets can easily link their businesses and operate with the same business idea and processes. The managers across the different outlets in the international environment can communicate and have a similar vision and mission for their company. The innovations in telecommunication and computing evolution make up the factors that trigger the increase of globalization. In 1995, the World Wide Web (www) had twenty million users. Today, there are over one billion users of the web. The rapid growth and the adoption of technology have the major companies make adequate use of the technology and enhanced their strategic operations (Mahmutovic, Hadziahmetovic & Talovic, 2014). The coordination between companies and their vendors has become efficient. Communication through the available technology abilities makes their relationship better.

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