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Researching business information (430_CW_ONE_workbook_2011-12_Sem_2) (Essay Sample)

Please see the file in the attachment. If there isn't need to use 10 references please discretion it. p.s All information of print screen are need reference. 430_CW_ONE_workbook_2011-12_Sem_2_(3).docx Module Title Module Code Researching Business Information 430 Assignment Title Level Researching Business Information 4 Students should see the appropriate frontispiece for the exact hand-in dates. Module Learning Outcomes For the module students must achieve the following outcomes: 1. Use a range of subscribed database e-resources to source appropriate research material 2. Evaluate the suitability of their researched material for the specified purpose 3. Prepare a word processed report combining information from different sources to answer a business purpose, incorporating data analysis and the findings of their research Transferable skills Information Technology: Students are required to present word-processed work to conform to college guidelines, with few spelling or proofreading errors. Combined information e.g. text, tables and charts is to be presented in a consistent manner. Skills in using spreadsheet and presentation software and finding information from IT sources are developed. Application of Number: Students will develop skills in data analysis including the ability to select appropriate data for analysis and the use of functions and formulas in Microsoft Excel to perform calculations. Assignment Remit Course Work ONE 40% Part B you will need to provide evidence (explanation and screen prints) that you have searched a range of e-resources by keyword, author and title. You are then required to write a short essay evaluating your research which should justify its value as source material. (Approx. 500 words). You must also list your references correctly on a separate sheet. Articles for Evaluation Find at least two pieces of written research material within your chosen topic area that relate to the relevant table. Provide evidence that you have done so (written explanation and/or screen prints of searches and findings). Work should be presented to College presentation standards – see guides. (Topics listed below in this work book). Topics of travel 1. Please, use the advance keyword searching information. (example) p.s. use the right keyword to do the advance research. More information of advance search more better. 2. The “print screen” page of the researching information. 3. Need table information Holiday Review - UK - January 2012 Overseas travel volumes, by purpose, 2006-11 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 m m m m m m Holiday 45.3 45.4 45.5 38.5 36.4 36.4 Business 9.1 9 8.9 6.9 6.6 6.7 VFR 12 12.2 12.4 11.6 10.9 11.4 Source: Office for National Statistics, IPS/Mintel Holiday Review - UK - January 2012 Domestic travel volumes, by purpose, 2006-11 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 (est) m m m m M m Holiday 53.3 53.7 52 60.7 56.6 59.1 Business 19.2 18.8 18.2 18 16.9 19 VFR 49.6 47.8 44.1 44.4 42.8 44 Source: UKTS/GBTS/Mintel Evaluation Essay A word-processed document in essay format which provides an evaluation of the two pieces of information found above. The evaluation should compare and contrast the articles with respect to currency, relevance to topic, source, references and primary research in order to decide on the validity and reliability of the information in each. This should demonstrate why you believe your research material to be appropriate (or not) for research purposes (use your evaluation criteria hand out). (Circa 500 words). source..

Researching Business Information
Executive Summary
Getting the right information during a business research is never easy. As such, it is required that an individual involved in the research should find the proper and relevant information which can help in making a proper conclusion. The essay below looks t two sources of information and their relevance to research work.
Researching Business Information
Part 1:
Conducting a work of research is never a mean task. It involves going into details and getting the exact information that is needed for the topic under investigation. When doing a business related research, t is important to look at various aspects of the business related work. In their study, Lee, Agarwal and Kim (2011) observe that there are some constraints holding the disabled from their intent of travel. The study uses the Seligman`s helplessness theory to analyze this issue. To give authenticity to the work, a lot of statistical analysis is involved on the travelling woes faced by disabled people, with Korea being used as an example.
Xiang and Formica (2006) also did study on travel with the aim of showing the factors that affect the modern travel industry. They employ literature review to look at how various environmental impacts have an effect on the travel business. They also indicate that there are various challenges that face the sector today. To deal with these challenges, the sector has to employ some measures so as to attract more people. This is where the issue of incentive travel industry come in. it states that the travel business operates in an ever-challenging and evolving environment. As such, the managers of the travel have to deal with the problems associated with the travel. As the challenges increase, the managers get frustrated since they cannot find a solution to the problem. It is for this reason that t...
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