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Manga Manicures (Essay Sample)

I required to note the following points: Task 1:Segment the market using a variety of demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral variables and provide a detailed consumer profile of a suitable UK target market for Manga Manicures. Task 2:Discuss what consumer behaviour factors would influence the decision of your target market to purchase the new Manga Manicures. Task 3:Devise a positioning strategy for Manga Manicures' identified UK target market. There are some points are required to note: Present this order in the form of a report and include a contents pages. And must use of variety of segmentation techniques to segment the market. Moreover, must ensure that include a copy of the customer profile within this report. When discussing consumer behaviour factors ensure you do not only just consider price and when positioning the product you must do this in relation to your chosen target market. source..

Manga Manicures
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Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc310937394 \h 3Segmenting the market PAGEREF _Toc310937395 \h 4Consumer Behavior Affecting Purchase of New Manga Manicures Products PAGEREF _Toc310937396 \h 6Positioning Strategy for Manga Manicures PAGEREF _Toc310937397 \h 7Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc310937398 \h 9Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc310937399 \h 10
Manga Manicures
Everyone desires to have a feline and adorable feeling. In order to satisfy this highly needed desire, Manga Manicure offers a variety of products that meet the customers` nail needs. Manga Manicures entails a variety of Japanese nail art. Through the products offered in a form of a kitty, Manga Manicures products are give the clients an inner feeling of being younger. Considering that presently, most people are faced by the daily challenges that make them be stressed; Manga Products reminds them the childhood innocence feeling. In an incredible manner, it creates a nostalgia feeling which an imperative marketing strategy.
The UK remains untapped market the Manga Manicure. However, there are many firms in the beauty industry in UK, which will offer intensified competition for Manga Manicure. Some of these firms are Cosmetics Suppliers, Fish Foot Spas Hairdressers among others. For Manga Manicure to succeed in UK beauty industry, an effective marketing strategy must be employed. The marketing strategy involves segmenting the UK market in to various categories.
The customers normally segment themselves without their knowledge. Organizations have to study how the clients subdivide themselves. Through the market study, businesses develop the manner through which they can reach their customers. The marketing strategy is determined by the characteristics exhibited in the respective customer segment. A well-segmented market enables businesses to reach their target clients with ease. The products are also modified according to the customers` needs. The market segments determine the manner in which the products will be segmented. This is because the features in the each segment are studied to ensure the product reaches its clients. The segments characteristics also determine the client buying behavior (Howaldt and Mitchell 2007.
This term paper discuses the segmenting strategy employed by Manga Manicure, the consumer behavior and the positioning strategy. The market will be segmented in terms of the demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioral variables. The consumer behavior included the purchasing power, tastes and preferences among others. Positioning strategy entail locating Manga manicure in a strategic position, which will be accessible to the clients.
Segmenting the market
Segmenting the market involves subdividing the market into various categories. The categories must process similar categories. Upon segmenting the market, Manga Manicures will employ...
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