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Literature as Narratives of Human Experience: The Book of Job and Euripides' Hecuba (Essay Sample)


Please read "The book of Job" and "Hecuba" and answer following questions. (NO outside research. I will upload both readings)
-What are the role of epics, mythologies, and fiction?
-Why are they indispensable for understanding the facts about human experience?
-Is any of the central ideas presented by different texts right about their explanations of the meaning of life?
-How, according to these ideas, should a person decide that to do in our contemporary world?
-What, if anything, makes some of these ideas right and other thing wrong?
My professor will grade this paper following
-Accurate sexual analyses with precise references
-Logical consistency and soundness of their arguments
-clear answer to raised questions
-self-reflective use of concrete examples
-appropriate grammar and style of writing for academic standard
please answer all question and fulfill all elements (for grading) . Check grammar and strictly follow CHICAGO style.(using footnotes to quote) Also, after title of this essay please put epigraph (one sentence quote fits entirely this essay)
please after you make statement, put textual evidence and analyzed quote. Also, professor will check grammatical mistake sentence by sentence so please make sure to write essay correctly....and do not use passive voice please!!!!


Literature as Narratives of Human Experience: The Book of Job and Euripides' Hecuba
Name of Student
All Counsel Is Not Wise Counsel – The Book of Job
The Role of Epics, Mythologies and Fiction
Epics, mythologies, fiction and literature in general are vital in forming the understanding that we have of the society. In both oral and written form, literature serves as the reflection of the enduring sensibilities of the society in history. Both The Book of Job and Hecuba are classic pieces of written literature; the former a religious text while the latter is famous mythological piece. The two pieces differ in the contexts that they exist in yet both function as how literature should; and that is to enlighten and emphasize the human existence.
Literature is situated in the field of humanities. Unlike hard sciences, literature is closer to what makes us feel human. The Book of Job is clearly a reflection on the human condition in the context of Christianity. On the other hand, Hecuba, a queen borne of Greek mythology embodies the mythological identity which is very much idealized but is still just human. The identities embedded in literature serve as a gateway for reflection of our own identities. This is why epics, mythologies and fiction serve great purposes in learning the dynamics of the social environment we are in.
Literature and the Human Experience and Existence
In our daily lives, we can never escape literature and this is one good reason why it is so relevant in our lives. Stories that people grow up with have a way of clinging to their memories which in turn find a way in being embedded in their consciousness; this is why stories also give way to newer stories. The cycle of literature is dependent on human experience; it is through human relationships and dynamics that literature is able to thrive and create different modes of meaning as well as meaning-making.
Epics, mythologies and fiction will always be indispensable in understanding human existence because these important pieces in learning more about the dynamics of the human condition, in history and in the current sociocultural landscape of the society. Literary pieces can be considered as narratives of the human experience. Mythologies for a fact are known to be holders of the so-called “mythic” truths that pave the way in the more humane understanding of the society, including the physical environment that we continuously experience. On the other hand, fiction is a category of literature is usually associated with a basic definition: anchored on the make-believe. This is not entirely true since fiction, as a part of literature, is anchored on the dynamics of the human condition. Fictional pieces of literature is a way of imagining different realities that readers do not directly experience; through fiction, they are able to experience more than what they actually go through in their day to day lives. Facts of human existence are usually embedded in concepts that are not easy for us to understand. Through these narratives of human life, the multiplicity of human experience comes to light which emphasizes the role of literature as the mirror of the human condition and vice versa.
Overall, literature can never be indispensable in understanding facts of the human existence. Despite epics, mythology and fiction utilizing literary devices that definitely seem out of the ordinary, all are deeply rooted to the strengths and weaknesses of the human condition. All these are reflexive of how humans are able to view themselves integrated with different versions of reality. Through literature, reality is reinvented and appropriated to our liking.
The different perspectives developed in the study of literature showcases the influence of h...

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