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Would framers approve modern presidency? (Essay Sample)


Would framers approve modern presidency? (pick one position for me) The paper should include your position, arguments for your position, and possible counter arguments. You should use the provided material as a starting point, but must also bring in outside evidence and cur rent events to illustrate your points. Must site at least these 2 sources Pika, Joseph A. and John Anthony Maltese. 2014 . The Politics of the Presidency , Revised 8 th ed . Thousand Oaks, CA: CQ Press .  Ellis, Richard J. and Michael Nelson. 2015. Debating the Presidency: Conflicting Perspectives on the American Executive, 3 rd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: CQ Press.


Would framers approve modern presidency?
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Framers foresee the need of a democratic and strong presidency. The framers of the American constitution would recognize and approve the modern presidency. This is based on the fact that the modern presidency is what they expect in a great extent. The fundamental features of the modern presidency are such as legislative leadership, executive discretion and important administrative instrument, which are all possessed by the president currently. These essential elements are present in the institutional setup and incentives, which the framers write in the article II of the American constitution.
Significant changes including the function, scope and size of government, technology and society have evolved from the era of the framers. However, such changes only highlight the significance of a powerful, famous president to the effective functioning of the American constitution system. The founders prefer the governance of democratic rule. The founders (framers) plan for an independent and free country run by a competent government. Most framers agreed that an independent executive is important to the effectiveness of a new constitution. The founders have a specific plan for achieving the modern presidency. Many of them know the huge tasks involved in the evolving process. Presidency continues developing gradually with time focusing on particular realistic challenges concerning the structural setup of the executive. The framers understand that establishment of the presidency needs development and compromise. In this process, more sophisticated and detailed knowledge of executive powers evolve, so as the process continues evolving even at the present period, the framers develop a new institution in the country that is the popular modern presidency.
Framers form the establishment of a national executive, which the legislature would elect. Framers prefer a plural executive since a unitary executive to avoid cases of dictatorship. They identify that a president would require assistance, and therefore propose that the constitution would state the list of official agents (such as the senate and house of the representative), who would assist the president to execute the law. The framers expect the ...
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