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Primary Source Analysis (Essay Sample)

Analyze Thomas Paine's Common Sense. Identify author's goals within the work and be able to summarize his points. Look for the author's voice within the work and juxtapose it upon their stated goals or intentions. Further, you must integrate Thomas Paine's arguments into social, political, economic, and/pr temporal situation of revolutionary America. Finally, how did this work effect social or political life in revolutionary America beyond the Paine's intended aims? How did his rhetoric speak to an independence-minded ethos? The essay must be thesis-driven. Take a position regarding the source, its aims, and its historical relevance. The thesis must be clear, concise and defensible. This essay is an analysis so the thesis is ultimately in the conclusion after going through the processes iterated above. source..

Thomas Paine.Common Sense
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The book in question is Thomas Paine`s Common Sense, which was published in 1776. Its aim was to advocate for American independence through encouraging uprising against the ruling British government. Though presented in a simple layman language, the book was direct and more influential in calling for independence of the American society and it is highly rated as one of the first books to actually highlight the need for American independence from British rule. Through an analysis of the various section of the book, I will highlight how the call for independence was put forth and more so give credence to the statement that his work (Paine`s book) was fundamental in attaining of independence and establishment of the American sovereign federal government.
Of the Origin and Design of Government in General, with Concise Remarks on the English Constitution
Paine starts his work by bringing forth the concept of government and society (which he argues than many people fail to understand the distinction between them). He states that society is worth fighting for in terms of establishment as it brings likeminded human desires into one unit, which fosters unity. Paine`s point of view is that governments are established by society so as to keep in check the human behavior i.e. government ensures proper societal morals are upheld. He brings out the irony in an oppressive government in that since society establishes government, it is ironical the same government can be oppressive to its own people. Furthermore, he argues that if everyone in the society upheld what the society regarded as good behavior there would be no need for governance to regulate them. Thus, the evil in society necessitates need for the government. One can rightfully conclude that a government is usually a representation and/or a true reflection of the societal values they uphold. In line with this advocacy for the American independence ought to be driven by the societal values the American people upheld. The extent to which this notion is upheld can be realized in modern day times where the American government is known to speak out against oppressive governments and regimes. This reflects the American societal values that life and liberty are core values to any established government.
The analogy of a small group of people living on an island is a reference to the established American colony (within the larger British empire). In reference to living on island, Thomas points out that the American people seem to be set apart from the other nations in the world. His argument is that the separation will eventually elicit bonds between the people and create a society, which will result in a need to establish regulations and laws (i.e. government) so as to ensure peaceful coexistence. This analogy is a calling to the American society to rise up to the occasion and demand for their independence from the...
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