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Colonialism & Coetzee's Novel (Essay Sample)

Form a thesis that connects J.M. Coetzee's novel "Disgrace" to the legacy of colonialism, Western encounters with Africa, racism, and/or the specific history of South Africa and the end of apartheid. Must include: 1. Regular and effective use of primary and secondary sources. 2. Accurate recognition of historical context of evidence. 3. Avoidance of anachronistic or presentist uses of evidence. 4. Smooth integration of quotations and evidence. 5. Effective sequence of evidence to build points. 6. Acknowledgement of counterarguments to thesis that could be supported by the evidence. source..
00013621Colonialism & Coetzee's NovelFP
Disgrace, a winner of the Booker Price award, is a novel written in 1999 by a South- African born author--- J.M. Coetzee CITATION Dom09 \l 13321 (Head 2009). Four years after the publication of the said book, Coetzee won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature, a proof of the great impact the book has made to the society. In fact, The Observer, a respected newspaper in the United States, named Disgrace as "the greatest novel of the last 25 years" which was written in the English language outside America (Gallaghe 1991).
The novel centres on David Lurie, a South African professor of Communications--- specializing in Romantic Literature. At the age of 52, he was demoted from being a professor of modern languages to adjunct professor of communications. He was divorced twice and was dissatisfied. He met a whore to satisfy his longings, and later on seduced one of his students. He has done nothing to protect himself from the consequences of his actions. He was dismissed of his teaching profession, and he took refuge on the farm of his daughter. For some time, the daughter`s influence and the rhythm of the farm was promising harmony in his discordant life. Shortly after being accustomed to the life in the countryside, he was forced to face "the aftermath of an attack;--- his daughter was raped and he was assaulted violently (Attwell 1993).
Coetzee`s Disgrace looks like a form of literary drama--- one that promises to thug the emotions and leave a strong impression. It is a story bound to teach people about lessons in life, most specifically about forgiveness and redemption. It is, like most novels, promises to show people`s humanity as they search for meaning and acceptance. Nevertheless, looking at the novel from a different light, we can see that this novel--- a highly must-read one--- offers more than what we expect. This offering can be more understood as we look at the historical background of the literary work.
Disgrace is made by Coetzee, an African- born. With that in mind, the novel he made is mirroring the situations in his country. Fred Pfeil, in fact, listed Coetzee as "one of the forefronts of the anti-apartheid movement within Afrikaner literature and letters. (Poyner 2000)" When Coetzee accepted Jerusalem Prize in 1987, he mentioned about the limitations of art in the South African society, a society that has a "deformed and stunted relations between human beings and a deformed and stunted inner life (Richmond 2007).;
Coetzee further stressed his view on South African literature. He mentioned: ""South African literature is a literature in bondage. It is a less than fully human literature. It is exactly the kind of literature you would expect people to write from prison CITATION Ros06 \l 13321 (Jolly 2006)." With this perspective in mind, he called on the government in his country to abandon its apartheid policy. Isidore Diala, a scholar, considers Coetzee and two other writers as "thr...
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