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Bill of Rights (Essay Sample)

What is the importance of the Bill of Rights? Where did they come from? How did they become part of the US Constitution? source..
Bill of Rights
Bill of rights can simply be described as a set of norms set by government and the individuals of any given country for the better flow of protection so that human rights cannot be violated. They are believed to be crucial to citizens since they protect their rights from been breached. This paper seeks to look at the fundamental of thee bills, how they become the part of US as well look at the origin of bill of rights.
The most fundamental thing is that bill of rights incur its democracy in both parties that the government and the citizens of any given country, since without bills of rights the government would be forcing people to go as per their will whether demanding good things to be accomplished or not. In this case, the government will be humiliating the citizen or doing what they like since not rights for individual to question them.
The other importance of bill of rights is that there is freedom like freedom of speech, right to assembly, freedom of press among others. In this case, citizens have the freedom to express themselves and address any issue that they distinguish its not going as per their will. This extinct dictatorship since even the governments does the right things as they fear criticisms from press or individuals since there are rights to expression.
The bills of rights originated from Philadelphia in the summer of 1787, where delegates of the 13 states assembled and drafted an amazing blueprint for self-government. During this era, the Constitution of the United States was remarkable but it was not mentioning anything that the government would not fulfill but only those that the government will fulfill of which in most cases it`s not possible. In this case, the bill of rights were amended and the people of America start believin...
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