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Argumentative Essay (Essay Sample)

Write an argumentative essay. For this essay, you will select a research question that interests YOU. Please I need an A. Make sure the essay includes  A clear Thesis Statement in the introduction that states what you are researching.  A smooth, coherent flow of text suitable for academic purposes  Citations for all sources used in your essay . source..
Internet Technology Name: Course: Professor Name: (April 13, 2012) Internet Technology Introduction Internet is a global or worldwide computer network system. Internet technology has brought about great changes on how operations are carried out in the current world. The technology has helped a great deal in making things easier. The technology keeps improving with every day as more discoveries are made day in day out and this is targeted towards making life better. Internet technology is currently applied in many areas which are communication, banking, marketing, shopping, advertising, entertainment and education. This paper will seek to analyze the impact of internet technology in the contemporary world. Main Body The internet is a necessity in the current world. It facilitates easy availability of information in an easy and quick manner. Many operations are carried out on the internet as it connects the whole world and is an efficient and reliable tool. Education Internet technology is used for education purposes. Majority of students prefer the internet as their tool for their studies to other methods of study. More information is found in the internet than it is found in textbooks. Online tuitions can also be offered over the internet which is efficient as it does not demand for students to physically attend classes. Distance learning is slowly picking up through the internet and is found to be attractive by many. Many universities have engaged in online distance education where classes are conducted online (Peters, 2009). Working people with intentions of continuing to pursue education can use the online learning system to efficiently do their studies. This is possible since it cannot interfere with their working hours if done properly. Students also use the internet to develop their school projects and complete assignments. Many different topics are found in the internet with enough information for which students can choose and explore to select ones that suits them. Internet technology has greatly improved the education sector (Peters, 2009). Entertainment Entertainment has seen a major boost due to internet technology. Television and radios that were dominantly used before have been replaced by computers and the internet. Music and sports form the major sections of entertainment currently. Many internet related devices are available which can be used for entertainment. The internet contains many online games which are important for entertainment. This gives one a wide range of choices from which entertainment can be extracted from (Vinet, 2010). Music and videos are available in the internet. They can be downloaded and be played on a computer. Many sites offer free music downloading options and one can freely get the music needed. Music videos and movies can also be found in the internet. These are necessary for entertainment purposes. They can be played on a computer too. This is an advantage since computers are portable and hence people can have their entertainment whenever they go (Vinet, 2010). Communication Communication is the process of conveying information from one person to another. Initially, communication was performed through fax machines and telephones. However with the development of internet technology, communication has taken a new direction. Communication through the internet is mainly through the email. Email discussion groups are used to chat among a group of people. Also video and audio conferencing are used for communication (Ernest & Karen, 2000). These are mainly used to run business meetings between parties that are geographically apart. However in internet communication, caution should be taken not to give or reveal personal information. Communication through the internet is fast and easy. Using the many social sites present currently, it is possible to communicate with many...
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