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Data Acquisition and Coding Project (Essay Sample)

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Data Acquisition and Coding Project
Data acquisition and projects coding have been automated in recent times with the introduction of modern technologies. The suitability of Bar Codes, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), 3D Laser Scanners, Inductive Loop Detectors, Radar Detectors and Pen Based Computers depends on the activities performed by these technologies. The new technology is enhanced by computers as nearly all sensors make use of computers while in operation (El-Omari & Moselhi, 2009). An analysis of the traffic loop sensors, bar code scanners, smoke detectors and radar detectors will play a big role in exploring how the application of these automation have helped in solving the world problems and the challenges present so as to come up with effective techniques of accomplishing activities.
The Traffic Loop Sensors
The Traffic Loop sensors are sensors used to detect vehicles intersection. The detectors are applied in the suburbs and country roads where they detect a car arriving at an intersection. It controls the length of the light when many cars have stack up in the intersection or activate the arrow light in case cars have entered into a turn lane. The traffic light sensors tests the inductance of the loop in the road and in times when the inductances rises knows that a car is waiting (Ostrander, 2009). A coil of wire is embedded in the road surface and is evident by big rectangular loops that have been cut in the pavement. However, in towns and cities, traffic officers are needed to aid in the flow of traffic as traffic-jam usually takes place throughout the day. The traffic loop sensor has got limitations in the sense that a vehicle must enter the loop area for it to be sensed by the sensor. They also disrupt traffic flow during installation and maintenance thus making them less reliable and flexible making it ineffective. The inductor is limited by the number of coils and the material wrapped around the coil which are connected to an electronic circuit thus making it possible to detect a car passing over it (Brownlee, 2008).
In addition, it measures the presence of a metal and not a vehicle; hence vehicles with less or no metals cannot be attended to. It is also limited by water infiltration which affects the loop performance since its installation is permanent based. As the car enters the loop area, it transmits some inductance which makes the light to light. In case the sensors have been adjusted or improperly designed, they will not detect the presence of a smaller car, scooter or a motorcycle due to their inability of disturbing the electromagnetic field. The traffic sensor may fail to recognize the presence of a vehicle resulting to loss of time, frustrations and delay. The sensor works when the electromagnetic field has been disturbed, and this has happened, the signal will begin switching on process of the lights using the pre-programmed rules usually less than 30 seconds (Martin, & Wang, 2003).
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