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IT Conference (Essay Sample)

i've proposal if you can just write introduction for this proposal. NO extension, not even a minute! source..
IT Conference
TOC \o "1-6" \h \z \u Exertive summary PAGEREF _Toc298182720 \h 2
Why us? PAGEREF _Toc298182721 \h 2
Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc298182722 \h 2
Objectives: PAGEREF _Toc298182723 \h 2
Scope: PAGEREF _Toc298182724 \h 3
A.Preparation: PAGEREF _Toc298182725 \h 3
B.Execution: PAGEREF _Toc298182726 \h 3
C.Evaluation PAGEREF _Toc298182727 \h 4
Breakdown structure: PAGEREF _Toc298182728 \h 4
Project costs: PAGEREF _Toc298182729 \h 5
Risk: PAGEREF _Toc298182730 \h 7
The IT conference that includes risk management and information security is a conference that encompasses network security, information security management and the risk management that involve information and technology. Therefore, this conference is held to meet different objective to enhance the information and technology is put at per as professionals meet to discuss what the way forward is.
The reason for IT conference is to address the issue of information technology that is very dynamic and continually changing and developing. This is to meet the ever-rising needs for the customers due to the influence form innovation and the ever-growing behaviour of technology sphere. Rapid changes therefore, requires equally IT responsiveness. This therefore, is one of the aspects that have compelled the IT conference that bring all the stakeholders together to discuss these issues.
The pressure on the security of the information has also been another aspect that has lead to converge such conferences. Information technology relays very important information and due to innovation that is growing on daily basis, there is need to ensure that technology is maintained ahead through security system to secure information. Through IT conferences, ideas are brainstormed to ensure that the IT stakeholders keep up the customers demand. Therefore, the conference that will be convened in the school by our group will be of no exception. It will try to solve the problem of technology pertain the advertisement of the Uni and sell of tickets in various places through the technological method. Therefore, a professional speaker has been invited for to talk about this issue during this IT conference. Therefore, the conference is projected to help all the people and more especially the IT specialist.
Exertive summary
The idea of the project is about IT conference that form does the plan until we finish the conference .Moreover in this project we try get many benefits such as advertising for uni, sell ticket and normal benefit from conference such as new information that person (speaker) talk about it. In addition, we try reduce the budget by many things such as sell ticket and advertising.
In this project our group work to make this project successful by reduce risk and cost beside increase benefits to uni.However,
The project has many objectives which are able to be a unique and attract to attend to conference. Moreover, these objectives...
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