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Computer security (Essay Sample)

Computer security is not an issue for organizations alone. Anyone whose personal computer is connected to a network or the Internet faces a potential risk of attack. Identify all the potential security threats on a personal computer. Identify some of the techniques an attacker might employ to access information on the system. This assignment requires two to three pages in length, based upon the APA style of writing. Use transition words; a thesis statement; an introduction, body, and conclusion; and a reference page with at least two references. Use double-spaced, Arial font, size 12. source..
COMPUTER SECURITY Name: Subject: Lecturer: Date of submission: Introduction In the world today, people`s lives are being literally run by computers. Most of our systems in this century are computer aided and rely on computers a lot for efficiency, from our banking system to our online schools to our social lives that have been graced with social sites leaving a good percentage of the world`s population living their lives on the internet. This is majorly through the computers and the phones. With this kind of connection and dependency comes challenges that the world needs to deal with; computer security. With the dependency on computer systems, it is safe to say, without the fear of contradiction that the world cannot do without computer security. CITATION Mat03 \l 1033 (Bishop, 2003) What is computer security? Computer security can be looked at from different angles but it all boils down to the safety of data transmitted through the given system or the stored in the particular system. Take for example, the data in one`s ATM card system, if this is not properly secured, the world could lose lots of billions of dollars, or even the health system where doctors could access medication diagnosis for patients, if somebody tampers with this kind of life depending system lots and lots of people could die due to wrong diagnosi...
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