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three (3) 8-1 comments & three 8-2 comments (Essay Sample)

three comments on post 8-1 and three on 8-2 three students for 8-1 and three students for 8-2 the questions are different and the question is on top of the beginnings of the post each post with its own in text citation and make the comments substantive. writer to answer the questions to 8-1 and 8-2 Attached source..
Comments Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Comments Q 8-1 Helena Helena you are right, the counselors should be aware of their attitudes and beliefs towards the minority group since it will affect their relationship. With this they will be able to avoid any bias that may arise and focus on providing an appropriate treatment plan to the client. Despite the attained multicultural skills, when assessing clients from the minority groups, the counselors will need an additional skill of interviewing the clients in their own language. They may need an interpreter to do so (Smith, 2012). Angela Assessing minority clients has additional complexities compared to when assessing clients from the nonminority groups especially when the client and counselor have different ethnic backgrounds (Paniagua, 2013). Therefore, the counselor should have knowledge of the client’s cultural identity; the counselor may use the services of a cultural consultant even if they have the same ethnic backgrounds. Marcties Marcties, I really like your post. When counselors evaluate clients from the minorities, there are many issues that they need to address in order to formulate an accurate treatment plan that will be acceptable by the clients (Pack-Brown & Williams, 2003). Some of the issues that they need to address are the challenges they face in the community. This will enable them to open up since they have found somebody who could listen to ...
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