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Accountable Care Organization (Essay Sample)

Please read the instruction carefully and follow step by step. Note: remember references and articles MUST BE within 4 years from 2012. And use your own words.. Thanks, !!Please follow instruction step by step carefully!! USE - ACO_-_Nurses_Role_-_Schumann_-_2012[1] What is an Accountable Care Organization? How Will Nurses Best Be Utilized in ACOs? This week we will explore the world of ACOs using a variety of resources – from You Tube to a newsletter story to other resources of your choosing. The exercise is one that will challenge you to use your critical thinking skills and to discuss this timely topic in your own words as no direct quotes will be allowed! To begin: View http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=lF8bK7AJyL0 to begin your journey. By the end of this exercise, you should have much more insight than the Healthcare Executive highlighted here : ) 
- Then go to Internet and read/review at least two resources from reputable sources. The resources may be articles, reports, legislation, videos and/or other sources - Then read the document in Accountable Care News, ACO - Nurses Role - Schumann - 2012.pdf (see attachment for this article) Use this web to look for references or articles: (references must be within 4 years from 2012) http://www(dot)hub(dot)sciverse(dot)com/action/home/proceed;jsessionid=232A870CDED93170C8987CC1A2E85CAD.4VAtierHu8IStvzFGDQ2qw Q&A. List the question then answer in order: 1. In your own words (no quotes, please), what is an Accountable Care Organization and why is there so much discussion about these emerging entities? 2. Reflecting on the article by Dr. Schumann… From your perspective, which role for RNs is the most vital in helping to establish and maintain a thriving and successful ACO? Please explain. 3. Which role do you feel will/would come most naturally to you? What role will/would be most challenging? Please explain. Include insights on technology, information, and quality/outcomes in your response. Please read and make sure articles/references must be within 4 years from 2012 and grammar check before post. source..

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(November 28, 2012)
Accountable Care Organization
Question 1.what is an accountable care organization and the reason why the there is so much discussion about the emerging entities.
Accountable care organization is a society that incorporates nurses, insures, hospitals and physicians among others major partners. The organization comes together to bring up a partnership that ensures that the individuals getting services are given the right services and the care required at the right time and they also get it from the right provider. The organization also has an aim of ensuring that the patients or those receiving the services are engaged in the ensuring of the satisfaction of the services and the care experience being given .One of the major important players in the organization are the nurses and there are some key roles that they play including. In the current layout there is a contract that has been set between the society of the accountable cares and the nurses.
Question 2. reflecting on the article by Dr Schumann from the role of the RNs is the vital in helping to establish in establishing and maintaining a successful ACO.
Nurses are important in the society because they are entitled to the role o...
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