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The Role of Advertising and Marketing in Influencing Consumers Choice (Essay Sample)

I need a persuasive essay convincing the reader on a particular topic in the book: Consumer Society, by Barry Smart I need to convince the reader about an interesting topic within the book, I am able to use some outside references to help support my topic. There are a set of guidlines provided by my teacher, which i would like used. Thank you. source..

The Role of Advertising and Marketing in Influencing Consumers’ Choice
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(May 21, 2013)
The Role of Advertising and Marketing in Influencing Consumers’ Choice
Advertising and marketing plays a great role in creating awareness and selling of the products or services to the consumer. Advertising is an act of communicating to the consumers about a certain products or services for selling in order to promote, win over, or control the consumers move on purchasing the product or service. Advertising can be done through media adverts such as commercial adverts on television, radio adverts, newspaper, magazines, door to door advertising, and road-shows and also through the internet such as website, social networks like face-book, tweeter among others. The aim of advertising is to create awareness and attract more consumers in buying the products or services.
Marketing in business is a way of reaching to the customers with the products or services that is intended to be sold and inform the consumer about the benefits of the product or services, how to use it and it can be done through demonstration so as to deliver clear information to the consumer. Also in marketing one talks to the consumer about the price and how much one is to save incase they purchase. In marketing one is able to find the need of the consumer and also know where improvement is required in order to meet the demand of the consumer and be able to deliver the quality products so as to retain and have more consumers using the products or services (Reynolds, Corrie Olson, 2001).
Advertising and marketing are very essential to all profit making businesses and even to non-profit businesses as they are the key to their success. The company that invests a lot in advertising and marketing gets more profit in return as people tend to have adequate information regarding the products or services which influences their decisions while purchasing the goods and services.
When advertising the product to the consumers, the way that the advert is designed in terms of colors, the activities involved while performing the advert have a very great impact to the consumer. Many consumers are known to get information concerning a particular product from the adverts and so the more the a...
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